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Insadong: Tour of one of Seoul's most popular neighbourhoods

Art galleries, food, crafts, shopping, and museums, Insadong can't be missed
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.4 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This centrally located neighborhood, which has as its nexus a 700-metre long street named Insadong-gil, buzzes with all the energy,... more »

Tips:  Go on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday when the street is closed to traffic--though the trade-off is bigger crowds.

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Points of Interest

1. Toto's Nostalgia Museum and Gift shop

Take subway line 3 to Anguk station and take exit 6. After you exit the station, walk about 75 meters and turn left on Insadong. There is a sculpture of a calligraphy brush at the beginning of the street. (Near the corner of the street there is a tourist information center--look for the yellow “i”--that is worth stopping into for information and ... More

Continue down the street for about 40 more meters until you come to Ssamziegil on your left.

Put aside at least an hour to check out this multistory complex. Certainly the shopping hub of Insadong, this open-concept, playfully designed shopping center offers a microcosm of what the neighborhood has to offer including cafes, restaurants, arts and... More

3. Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art

Now that you’ve indulged your wallet, here’s a great chance to indulge your mind.

This next stop can be difficult to find but it is worth the effort. Continue south a few stores until you come to an alley with a Su-Do pharmacy on the corner and to your left. Turn down here and walk about 50 meters until you come to the Kyung-In Museum of Fine... More

4. Old Tea Shop

Yet another challenging spot to find, don’t be afraid to ask friendly locals for help to find this one-of-a-kind, tea house.

Return to the main street and continue south past Atelier Seoul, Tong–in (take a look in this store if you are in the market for gorgeous wooden furniture) and Jilsiru cafe (which has a pink sign with a turtle on it) all... More

5. Bongwon Calligraphy store

Return to the main street and walk south, past the Insadong intersection and the National Souvenir Center and on your left you will come upon the tiny, easy-to-miss, Bongwon Calligraphy store.

This ancient, esoteric art form is alive and well in Seoul and this shop has everything a budding novice or expert needs: delicate rice paper, ink wells... More

Walk to the end of Insadong and to your left is Tapgol Pagoda) Park.

Conclude your tour of Insadong with a stroll through one of Seoul’s few downtown parks. This tiny but charming green space was the city’s first park. Established in 1897, the focal point is the more than 500 year-old, 12-meter stone pagoda carved with depictions of Buddhist life... More