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Marina Bay Walking Tour

Walking tour around Marina Bay
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.6 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  Stroll around Marina Bay, visit museums and enjoy scenic views over the city and the Singapore strait.

This is a flexible tour that... more »

Tips:  Getting there: by taxi ask the driver to drop you at the Asian Civilisations Museum. By MRT, alight at Raffles Place, look for the... more »

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Points of Interest

This is where Sir Raffles Stamford is assumed to have landed on 29 January 1819. The statue of Sir Raffles Stamford stands with the tall office buildings in the background.

The Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) is a very interesting museum presenting pan-Asian cultures. Through 11 galleries and 3 levels, visitors will experience the cultures of Southeast Asia, China, West Asia, and South Asia. The Singapore River gallery is dedicated to the story of immigrants who lived along the Singapore River.

Opening hours:
-... More

One of the oldest bridges, and the only suspension bridge, in Singapore.

The Fullerton building was formerly a post office and is now a 5 star luxury hotel. Its neoclassical architecture reminds us of Singapore's history as a former British colony.

Guarding the mouth of the Singapore river stands the symbol of the city-state: the Merlion, a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish.
The Merlion park is a good spot for photos: visitors will have a good view of the high CBD buildings behind the Merlion and a panoramic view of the marina with the 3 high towers of Marina... More

The Esplanade hosts a concert hall and a theater for art performance. Because of its unique shape, the Esplanade has earned the nickname of the "Durian," due to its resemblance to the exotic fruit.

There is a mall attached to the building with food & drink outlets. There are also restaurants and bars outside, next to the Esplanade.

Climb on board of the Singapore Flyer for a panoramic view of the city and the Singapore strait. The ride lasts 30 minutes. As visitors are in a capsule, the ride is not subject to weather.
Below the Flyer there is the Food Trial and Hawker Centre based on the theme of Singapore in 1960's.

Operating hours:
- Booth ticket: 8am - 10pm
- Flight... More

Did you ever dream of flying a commercial airplane? Board this genuine Boeing B737 simulator for a ride: taking off, landing, flying over a city, it's up to you.
Anyone can fly, no pilot experience is required.

It is also possible to just take a picture of you and your friends in the cockpit.

Flight Experience is located at the Singapore Flyer.

Officially opened in 2010, this brand new bridge has an unique modern architecture and has some observation spots, offering good opportunities for taking photos of Marina Bay.

Does this building remind you of a lotus flower or a hand? The museum hosts a permanent exhibition based on 3 themes: Curiosity, Inspiration, and Expression. They also have visiting exhibitions.

Operating hours:
- Daily 10am - 10pm
- Last admission 9pm

The SkyPark is on top of the brand new Marina Bay Sands hotel. It is higher than the Singapore Flyer and provides a panoramic view of the city and the Singapore strait.
As the SkyPark is open air, access is subject to weather.

To see the Infinity Pool, visitors must register for a guided tour, or pay entrance to the rooftop bar KuDeTa. Three... More

This brand new mall attached to the Marina Bay Sands hotel hosts luxury shops and restaurants. There are some interesting things like the Rain Oculus or the Skating rink if you are keen to skate in the tropics.

At the basement of the mall, next the Skating rink, there is a food court for refreshments or a quick bite.

Want to gamble or just have a look at one of the casinos in Singapore - the second one is in Sentosa ?
There are slot machines, table games and electronic table games. Electronic table games has lower minimum bets than table games (e.g. S$5).

Operating hours: 24h daily

- visitors must be 21 or older
- free admission for foreign... More

This is a free light and water show run by the Marina Bay Sands. The show is by the water just outside the shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and lasts about 13 minutes.

Operating hours:
- Sun to Thur: 8PM and 930PM
- Fri and Sat: 8PM, 9:30PM and 11PM

What makes this hawker centre unique is its iron victorian style roof. Enjoy local foods, blend with the locals, and live a typical Singapore experience.

Try Satays: in the evening, a portion of Boon Tat Street, next Lau Pa Sat, is closed to traffic. Satay stalls open and visitors can enjoy delicious satays sitting on the street in open air. An... More