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Orchard Road: The Home to Style and Glamour

A glamourous shopping strip for not just the fashionistas, but foodies and art lovers too.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3.9 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  If there’s a place in town to glamourise your wardrobe, then surely it’s Orchard Road. It was officially voted as the top shopping... more »

Tips:  GETTING THERE: Orchard Road is easily accessible via public transport. Taking a taxi would be the most convenient and all taxi drivers... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Somerset MRT Station

As you pass through the gantries of Somerset station, look out for the signs that point you towards the underground linkway to 313@Somerset, where the walking trail begins.

One of the newer faces along Orchard Road, 313@somerset has an eclectic mix of shops ranging from science fiction and fantasy store, Harris Planerds and Swiss eatery Marche to Spanish fashion giant, Zara.

Hours :
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-10pm
Friday-Saturday: 10am-11pm

314 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896

(+65) 6496 9314

3. H&M at Orchard Building

As you arrive at the junction of Grange Road and Orchard Road, H&M catches your eye. The Spanish retail giant has taken up the entire Orchard Building with its first ever store in Southeast Asia. Shoppers can look forward to three floors of clothing, including featured collaborations with high fashion brands like Versace and Comme des Garcons.

... More

4. Lucky 13 at Triple One Somerset

If you feel like resting your feet, Lucky 13, a slick new Miami-styled diner at Triple One Somerset, is close by and has great, authentic American-Cuban food on offer.

Hours : 10am-10pm Daily

111 Somerset Road
Singapore 238164

(+65) 6735 8574

Down the road is Mandarin Gallery with four floors of retail and features some of the most sophisticated shops along Orchard Road. The MAD (Museum of Art & Design) is of note here as it has a wide range of art by established and up-and-coming Chinese artists as well as collectibles like T-shirts and postcards for sale.

Hours : 11am-9.30pm daily

... More

Located across the road is Knightsbridge, a high-end luxury mall within the Grand Park Orchard hotel. The four storey mall is home to Abercrombie and Fitch's first ever flagship store in Southeast Asia, offering classic, casual, all-American apparel.

Hours : 10am-10pm daily

270 Orchard Road
Singapore 238857

(+65) 6593... More

As you walk west, you'll find ION Orchard. With over 60,000 square metres of retail space, it brings together some of the most trendy and prestigious brands in the world under one roof. Of note here is Nixon, with their very first pop-up store in Asia offering clothing that's both funky and understated at the same time. Also here is the Southeast ... More

8. Hua Ting at Orchard Hotel

Walking further down along Orchard road, you'll find the 20-year-old Hua Ting restaurant at Orchard Hotel, which offers some of the most exquisite Cantonese dishes in Singapore. Chef Chan Kwok who runs the restaurant was crowned Chef of the Year at the Asian Gastronomic Awards of Excellence in 2011.

Hours :
Mondays - Fridays: Lunch (11.30am... More

For a taste of the high life, Scotts Square is located nearby on Scotts Road. More than just a luxury mall, it is home to four internationally major artworks costing $6.4 million, by renowned artists such as Salvador Dali. Its main highlight is a Victoria & Albert Museum Chandelier 1999 by Dale Chihuly hanging above the main entrance. One of... More

One of the classiest lounges in Singapore, the Martini Bar@Mezza9 at the Grand Hyatt is another stylish highlight. It has over 30 martini concoctions on offer and nothing beats sinking into one of their big plush sofas or hanging out by the bar, watching the traffic go by along Scotts Road below while you sip on one of their popular Lychee... More

11. Néktar

Close off the day at premium cocktail bar, Néktar, inside a heritage house along Scotts Road. Open for just over a year, the bar adds a certain sophistication to cocktail culture in Singapore with its "bar chefs" offering complex and carefully crafted cocktail "dishes".

Hours :
Monday-Friday: 5pm-1am
Saturday: 5pm-2am

31 Scotts Road
... More