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Osaka Castle

The symbol of Osaka, which has been handed down through the dramas in history to the present day.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.87 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Osaka-jo (Castle) is widely known as an emblem of the power and fortune of Hideyoshi Toyotomi (a Daimyo, or powerful territorial Lord)... more »

Tips:  There are many ways to get to Osaka-jo koen. If you are coming-into town from Kyoto, via the "Keihan Main Line", alight the train at... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Tanichame 4-chome Station, exit-9.

Whether you are travelling by the subway Tanimachi or Chuo Lines, both lines are connected so you can exit via gate-9.
There will be maps posted around the station, as-well-as on signposts nearby.

2. J.R.Osakajokoen Station.

This is part of the J.R. Osaka Loop Line, which passes-through J.R. Umeda and J.R. Tennoji Stations.

3. Keihan Tenmabashi Station.

This is part of the "Keihan Main Line" that runs between Osaka and Kyoto Cities.
Once you have exited the station, turn left along Tosabori Dori (avenue), and, once you cross the river, you will see the overhead bridge. Cross this, and Osaka-jo is in front of you.

This is one of many high-rise buildings in the area, all 10-floors. You commence your tour from the 10th and move down until you reach the Archaeological remains in the basement.
The museum is open from 9:30am to 5pm (8pm on Friday) but is closed on Tuesdays. Admittance is 600-yen.

It's quite a magnificent sight, isn't it? Any-time of year, whether it is during Cherry Blossom season, Winter, or Autumn,Osaka-jo koen is a sight to behold.

6. Otemon Gate (Main Gate).

This where your journey back-in-time begins. The gate is an example of the magnificence you are about to experience, as you wander-around the grounds.

7. Shops.

It is here that you can pick-up something to quench your thirst or hunger. If you are lucky you may witness an event taking place, in this case a group of Sumo Wrestlers.

This P.O.I. will include photos from within the castle.
Once inside the castle you will experience displays of one sort or another - art, bonsai, models to name a few. Take your time before you begin your ascent.

9. View from the top.

From the top you get to see a view of the surrounding buildings, as-well-as the park itself.

10. Hokuku Shrine.

Once you have left the castle, and before you take a stroll through the park, visit the Hokuku Shrine.
Enshrined here is Toyotomi Hideyoshi.In honour of Hideyoshi's achievement, the Meiji Emperor ordered to erect this shrine in 1868.

11. Castle Moat and Walls.

This is another of the spectacular parts of your visit to Osaka-jo; the Moats and Walls that surround the castle.
The moats range from 70-to-90 meters in width, and a number of the stone walls,which stand on both sides of the moats,are more than 20-meters in height.The stones, which are carved from granite,extends up to 12-kilometers in length,... More

12. Sakura (Cherry Blossom Trees)

As mentioned in the introduction, Osaka-jo koen is a popular destination for those wanting to celebrate "Cherry Blossom Viewing".There are some 600 Sakura in-and-around the grounds, and, believe me when I say, when they are in full-bloom, it is a spectacular sight.
As "Cherry Blossom Viewing" time is a very-popular time-of-year for the locals, ... More

13. Sakura and Osaka-jo.

If you thought the avenue's of Sakura were a delight to view, check-out the Castle with this selection of photos.

14. Osaka-jo and Osaka-jo koen.

This is a selection of photos that sum-up the beauty, magnificence and spectacle that is Osaka-jo koen.