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Ipanema Beach and the Lagoon

Enjoy the world's most famous beach, realm of the sexy girls of Ipanema, and a walk along Ipanema's lagoon, the Lagoa
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.3 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Rio de Janeiro: the cidade maravilhosa (marvelous city) is of alluring beauty. With the contrast between the verdant rainforests, the ... more »

Tips:  Do not forget the sunscreen, the sunglasses and a cap.
You may rent chairs and umbrella on the beach.

For a drink or fast food on the... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Romantic Kiosks with great view: Mirante do Leblon

These kiosks have a nice panorama on Ipanema beach (see picture).

Safety note: Keep in mind that this location is in the immediate vicinity of a favella (shanty town) called "Vidigal" and may not be very safe. If you are worried about safety, start at stop 3.

2. Walk way: famous cobblestones design.

All the beaches of Rio have their own cobblestones design named "calçadao" on the walking way along the beach (see picture).

From 5 am, hundreds of cariocas practice sports along these "calçadao" and in the mini-open-air fitness located along the beach.

It is a delight to jog along the beach in the sunrise or sunset.

3. Posto onze: life-guards post 11.

Life-guards post eleven on Leblon beach is the "families spot". Local movie stars often enjoy this part of the beach with their children.

Safety note: Keep in mind that waves are big so that you should not let children play in the water without supervision.

4. Henrique Dumont street

On your left, starts Henrique Dumont street which run up to the lagoon. At the beginning of the street, for tennis addicts, you will find one of the best tennis-club in Rio and perhaps in the whole world (see picture).

On the same street, at number 57, the Gula Gula restaurant is one of the best place to have a salad in Rio (ask for a mix of ... More

5. The world famous posto nove (post 9).

It is in the immediate neighborhood of post 9 that Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes wrote the famous ‘Garota de Ipanema’ (Girl from Ipanema) inspired by a young beauty who was going to the beach in front of post 9 each day.

Nowadays, post 9 is the meeting point of Rio’s "mauricinhos and patricinhas" (the rich, bronzed and beautiful cariocas; girl... More

6. LGBT spot

In front of the street Farme de Amoedo is the gays ans lesbians spot. The famous rainbow flag of the LGBT movement is maintained night and day here.
Beaches in Rio all have such kind of "microclimate". It is really funny to walk along the beach and observe this evolution.

With great breaks, Arpoador is THE surfer's spot of the Zona Sul.
Walking up to the top of Arpoador rock offers outstanding view on Ipanema.

If you want to go on with the visit of the Zona Sul, catch a taxi to Stop 8: jardim botanico.

8. Fruits market on tuesday, Hippie fair on sunday

Enjoy fresh tropical fruits every Tuesday morning at the General Osorio.

Since the sixties, Ipanema Hippie fair has been organized by Hippies to sell crafts and maybe some illegal stuff. Nowadays, on Sundays, the Hippie fair is a major arts and crafts market, showing off the works of some of the city's best artisans including paintings, clothes... More

9. Fruit market

Early friday morning, there is a big fruits market around the place "Nossa Senhora da Paz".

Typical food from the "Minas Gerais", a Brasilian state, perfect to taste the famous feijoada.

One of the most famous "sucos" (fresh juices and fast food) in Rio.
The most famous juices are:
mandarin or tangerine (tangerina)
water lemon (melancia)
pineapple with mint (abacaxi com hortela).
passion fruit (maracuja)
Açai berry fruits (from palm trees, see pictures).

The most famous churrascaria in Rio, Porcão as several restaurant throughout the city.

Churrascaria (barbecue) are Brazilian Steakhouse, most of them offers Rodizio (means rotating, referring to the style of service where meat carvers pass from table to table slicing cuts of meat from skewers onto your plate). Waiters continue to serve you until ... More

13. Gula Gula restaurant

Perfect to enjoy salads, sweet and fruits juice this restaurant is among the most popular in Rio.

One of Ipanema’s few nightclubs. Given its prime Zona Sul location, you’ll find a young, well-heeled crowd in Baronetti. It is one of the famous dance-club in Rio.

Check the website before you go, you need to put yourself on the guestlist sometimes.

Rua Barão da Torre 354

15. Swan Pedal Boats

The swan pedal boats tour on Ipanema's lagoon offers one of the most stunning scenic view in Rio.