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How to bargain shop on the cheap at Universal Citywalk in Hollywood!!

Hi, I'm Sarah! My guide is guaranteed to save you money while visiting Universal CityWalk in Hollywood!
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.7 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  I and my friends love Universal CityWalk! But I don't love the high prices! I've been coming here for over 7 years (I'm 11) with my... more »

Tips:  What to bring - Everyone is a tourist at CityWalk, so bring comfortable shoes, a camera and plan to spend some time exploring. But... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Welcome to Universal Citywalk !

Hi, Im Sarah, welcome to Universal CityWalk in Hollywood! The following are just some of the places in CityWalk I and my family have found to save money while visiting this wonderful and safe Southern California tourist attraction. CityWalk does not have to be expensive...

This is the landmark Universal Studio store to buy everything Universal Studios - t-shirs, caps and more. The stuff here IS pricey, but some of the Universal Studio items that you find here are only found here, and nowhere else.

The BARGAIN - You get 35% off if you are a Universal Studio employee, 15% off if you have a Universal Studio Annual... More

3. Things From Another World

TFAW - Things From Another World, a glorified comic book store with comic toys, statues, comics and a lot of other cool and awesome stuff. Prices can be pricey - look for the stuff on SALE.

The BARGAIN - They have a $1 comic book section (right next to the front door) and a $5 statue and figurine section.

4. Zen Zone

Crazy place with robot controlled massage machines, a multi-colored oxygen bar and little electronic goodies. Some of the items are very pricey, but the massage-o-matic machines may be worth the time. Where else but in LA !?!?

The BARGAIN - Free demonstrations of hand massages and the little electronic goodies are worth the time in the store.

5. Dodger Clubhouse

Everything Dodgers! But ask the employees there which jersey is the most popular before you start wearing yesterdays Dodger hero. You can also buy Dodger tickets here. A lot of fun Dodger goodies not even found at Dodger Stadium.

The BARGAIN - 10% of everything in the store for Annual Pass Holders, but they always have a clearance section - just... More

6. Upstart Crow

Upstart Crow and Crow's Nest Toys are next to each other, with a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf throw in for fun ! Great fun for little kids, the employees encourage you to play with the items before you buy.

The BARGAIN - Bargains up to 80% off in the clearance section in the VERY back of the store. Supplies vary day to day but you can always find... More

7. Magnet Max

Oddball collection of magnets and unique touristy items. Worth a trip inside for that unique gift you won't find back home.

The BARGAIN - $1 section! Selection varies day to day but the locals make a bee-line to the clearance/$1 rack. It's to the left of the cash register.

ALL restaurants at CityWalk is expensive! What do you expect, CityWalk IS a tourist-trap.

The BARGAIN - Comachos Cantina is one of the only restaurants with a happy hour, Mon-Fri 3pm - 7pm, bar and patio only. Patio is kid friendly! Drinks are still 3 times the cost of your local restaurant but Comachos is located in the heart of CityWalk with... More

9. Dancing Water Fountains

FREE! Let the kids go wild playing in the 'dancing water fountain' right in front of Abercrombie and Fitch. Kids MUST wear shoes (Crocs or similar) when playing in the water. Swimsuits allowed!

Everything sugar, and more. Candy, candy and more candy. The stuff is usually pretty expensive but it's fun to visit. They used to host birthday parties here.

The BARGAIN - Clearance section and discounted items. Annual Pass Holders get 10% off. Sorry, old candy is eaten by the employees....

Universal Studios owns this Starbucks, not Starbucks! The only Starbucks in the country that features local Cheesecak Factory cheesecakes, cupcakes (red velvet) and cakes. And they are fresh!

The BARGAIN - Save 15% when you use your Universal American Express Card, Annual Pass Holder discount of 10%, and get a free drink when you buy 15 with you... More

12. Citywalk Cinemas

AMC theatres - 8 Imax cinemas, a bunch of 3D movies, ALL theatres have stadium seating This cinema usually has the newest releases. BUT prices range from $9 - $18. Ouch. The reviews of this place are kinda bad too, but might be worth it if you have the money.

The BARGAIN - Not much, sorry but they do have discounted parking - $8 General Parking... More

Taco Bell is relatively new to the food court here, which includes Tommys, Panda Express, Subway, Pizza Hut and other places. They all charge MORE than the same exact place OUTSIDE of CityWalk, sorry, but there is some hope...

The BARGAIN - $1.09 tacos are your cheapest meal here, still more than a typical Taco Bell, but its THE place to eat when... More

14. Free Valet parking

Parking is WAY expensive at CityWalk, a real ripoff. But there is one great deal to avoid any cost....

The BARGAIN - 2 hours of FREE valet parking in the Jurassic Parking Valet for vehicles arriving between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday, with a participating CityWalk restaurant, retail or entertainment venue validation. This deal... More

Great Italian food in large portions, especially worth it if you like leftovers.

The BARGAIN - Annual Pass Holders get 10% off all food.

16. Stop N Play

'Unique novelties' is a under-statement - it has just plain weird stuff.

The BARGAIN - Clearance section that changes over time. Sometimes they have $1 items. Clearance stuff is in the very back of the store.

17. Jillians Bowling

Bowl where Justin Bieber did his music video! That's worth it right there! Fun place for the family but the lanes are not meant for the professional bowler - be aware! Food is served at your lanes are nearby. Full bar. (Prices are steep though).

The BARGAIN - Cheaper bowling prices during the day, no charge for bowling shoes for Annual Pass... More

18. IFly

Experience flying - without flying! Super fun but super expensive. Watch before you jump! WARNING - book ahead if its the weekend or holiday. Very popular place..

The BARGAIN - Annual Pass Holders get 10% off, repeat customers get $5 off one 'flight'. Wednesday nights are 1/2 off after 6pm - but first come, first served! Cheaper prices when you... More

19. GameStop

The newest games and hardware for gamers. But some of the prices are not cheap.

The BARGAIN - They have a good clearance section, with some used games starting at $1. Not bad for the tourist needing a cheap game for the kids while visiting Hollywood. . .