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Mt. Shasta Standard Summit Route

Via Avalanche Gulch with optional ski descent
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 10.6 miles
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  An epic two day ascent of a 14,000ft California Volcano. This is the standard route up from Bunny Flats with an overnight at the... more »

Tips:  Climbers need to obtain a $15 summit permit to climb. Parking is free.

From Mt. Shasta City off of I-5, drive east on... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Helen Lake Campsite

Camp here the first night. At over 10,000 this should help you acclimatize for the early 3am start for the summit. Yes, you need to get up that early. Get to bed after the beautiful sunset!

2. The ascent

Once you break out of the trees above Bunny Flats the views are amazing!

3. The Red Banks

These are tricky to get through with an ice axe being very helpful. To your left is the top of the "heart", a rock field that splits the snowfields up. You will descend on the other side of it. When you reach the top of the chute through the red banks you'll see what looks like the summit. Don't get your hopes up.. It's called Misery Hill for ... More

4. The Summit

The summit may look daunting from a distance but as you get closer you'll see there is a clear route to the left that climbs up to the true summit. Follow the footsteps of other climbers. Shasta is popular so you probably won't be alone. Remember, safety in numbers while mountaineering.

5. Edge of your ski descent

Here you will drop into the steep face. It can be a bit daunting, so expert skiers are advised here. Head to skiers left for a slightly easier slope. From here, have fun, pick your route, ski what looks fun but aim for your camp at Helen Lake to pack up and continue your descent back to your car. You'll be able to keep your skis on the entire ... More