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Rampart Range Trail Loop

Busy with motocross traffic on the weekends, these trails are great for mountain bikes M-Th.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 11.1 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  The Rampart Range trail system is a huge network of multi-use trails just West of Sadalia, CO. On the weekends these trails a full of ... more »

Tips:  Motorized vehicles are allowed on these trails, so be aware of approaching motocross riders and get off the trail when they're close.

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Points of Interest

1. Start

The trailhead is easily visible and well marked. Good parking. Start down Trail 788

2. Trail 788 & 685 Junction

Continue straight across 685 and continue down 788.

3. Trail 788

Trail 788 is heavily forested. Beautiful section of Pike National Forest.

4. Trail 788

More rolling trail. A bit gravelly, but overall very nice to ride in such dense forest.

5. Trail 788 & 681.B Junction

Continue downhill on 788.

6. Trail 788 & 646 Junction

Continue downhill on Trail 788.

7. Trail 788 & 683 1st Junction

Continue up 788

8. Trail 788 & 682 Junction

This is the end of 788. Continue to the right on 682.

9. Trail 682 & 682.A Junction

Continue down 682.

10. Trail 682 & 683 2nd Junction

Continue along 682

11. Trail 682 & 683 3rd Junction

Continue along 682

12. Trail 682 & 662 Junction

Continue up 682. Optionally, you can extend the loop a few miles by following 662 north.

13. Trail 682 ascent

Tough climb up 682. A bit gravely. Watch out for any fast moving downhill traffic.

14. Trail 682 & 682.A Junction

Continue up hill on 682.

15. Trail 682 & 690 Junction on Rampart Range Rd.

Continue across Rampart Range Rd. into the parking lot and follow trail 690 which runs parallel to Rampart Range Rd.

16. Trail 690

Continue along 690, parallel to Rampart Range Rd.

17. Trail 690 & Forest Rd 507

When you get to Forest Rd. 507 (very clear intersection), get off of Trail 690 and ride down Forest Rd. 507 for 1/4 mile and make a right on the unmarked dirt road (POI 18).

18. Forest Rd. 507 Turnoff

Turn right here off of Forest Rd. onto this unmarked road that leads to trail 681.

19. Turn left onto Trail 681

Trail is well marked.

20. Trail 681

Continue uphill to the right at this unmarked junction.

21. Trail 681

Fun downhills like this followed by short punishing climbs.

22. Trail 681 - Granite Surface

Had to ride over a very large granite surface to find the continuation of the trail here.

23. Trail 681

Great scenery on this trail.

24. Trail 681 Continues

I could have continued on trail 681 for a little longer, but I was exhausted and had to bail back to Forest Rd. 507. POI 25 is where 681 crosses Forest Rd. 507 and becomes Trail 685 (another optional return route).

25. Trail 681 & Forest Rd. Junction

This is where Trail 681 runs into Forest Rd. 507. If only I'd had a little more energy...