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Tammany Trace

Just across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans, the Tammany Trace is Louisiana's premier rail-trail.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 27 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  "The Trace," as the locals call it, has so much to offer for trail users of all ages. From the brewery and brew pub in Abita to the... more »

Tips:  Due to it's low elevation and southern location, this trail tends to be a good choice for fall and spring biking. It even offers... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Begin trail here.

Covington makes a nice place to start and end your Tammany Trace adventure.
The town is home to numerous bed & breakfasts, restaurants, and quaint shops. As far as the trail goes, you can start in the middle of town at the "trailhead" which is located near a building that resembles and authentic, vintage railroad station. However, by starting... More

If you go north (left if you are coming from Covington) on Josephine Street, and then right on hwy 36, you will find the Abita Brewing Company. They offer free brewery tours on Wednesdays through Saturdays at 2:00 pm. It is a nice, educational stop along the trail and is best saved until you are on your way back from your out & back trail tour... More

This is the home of the originally brewery where they brewed Abita beer until 1994 when the brewery was moved to Point of Interest #2.
This place serves great food & beverages and has both indoor & outdoor seating. I highly recommend their gumbo.

To say this is an unconventional Museum is an understatement. It is also known as the Abita Mystery House and is home to such oddities as the Bassigator and the Dogigator.
Even if you don't tour the museum (for a $3 entrance fee) they also have cold beverages and interesting trinkets in the lobby area.

5. Tammany Trace Headquarters & Kidz Konnection

This is one of many great places to stop, especially if you have children with you. In addition to providing trail information, this stop has restrooms, a gigantic playground, picnic tables, and drinking fountains.

6. Mandeville & lakeshore side trip

If you would like to tour Lakeshore Drive and view not only Lake Pontchartrain but also some beautiful homes, turn right (SE) on Coffee Street. Or you may want to wait and do this loop excursion on your way back.

7. Jackson Avenue to Lakeshore Drive

If you opt to explore Lakeshore Drive on your way back toward Covington, you will turn south on Jackson Ave. (left if you are riding/hiking back toward Covington)
In addition to viewing the lake and beautiful homes, you will also see the site of the Battle of Lake Pontchartrain.

This 2,800 acre park is home to a nature center, hiking trails, and 1829 sugar mill, and both tent & RV camping sites. Beach swimming and canoe launching opportunities are also available in the park.

9. Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge

If you see more wildlife than normal on this section of the trail, it's because you are near a wildlife refuge.

10. Bayou Lacombe draw bridge

There are plans to open a trailhead and rest rooms in this area.
The bridge is only open during daylight hours.

11. Carollo trailhead

This is near the end of the trail.

12. restrooms

13. end of trail...

... for now.