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Longleaf Trace Trail

This southern charmer invites you to explore the enchanted forests of Mississippi w/ interpretive signs to lead the way.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 40.5 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  As you can see by the list above, this is truly a multipurpose/multi-use trail. In addition to the activities listed above, you can... more »

Tips:  - If you're visiting New Orleans, this trail is definitely worth the detour.
- The bike rental shop at Gateway to Southern Miss is... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Hattiesburg, Mississippi

This trail starts at the Gateway to Southern Mississippi on the University of Southern Mississippi campus. This trailhead is not only a trail hub, but a town/regional hub. It is near a university sports facility and shares a very large parking area with other facilities. It is also one of the few trails that has a bicycle rental shop right at the ... More

2. safe road crossings

The designers/builders of the Longleaf Trace took special precautions to assure the safety and enjoyment of trail users. Two of the major road crossings are negotiated by either an underpass (7th Street) or and overpass (Highway 59). You will find other road crossings, but they are not usually busy roads. Nevertheless, it is always best to... More

3. Equestrian Trail

Fifteen miles northwest of Hattiesburg (trail miles), the equestrian portion of the trail begins. It continues for about 25 miles to Carson. The horse path is a dirt trail beside the main Longleaf Trace, and it frequently crosses the trail.

Trailside refreshments are sometimes available in Sumrall, MS. Depending on the season, the hours of the trailside refreshment stand can be very limited.

5. Bassfield

For a nostalgic taste of the old South, stop into the A.F. Carraway Store. It is a delightful general store/mercantile that seems to have been transported directly out of the early 20th century.

6. Prentiss, Mississippi

This is the end (or beginning) of the trail. If you are on a multiday trip starting from Hattiesburg, you will find two hotels and numerous restaurants in Prentiss. The trailhead is at a park with restrooms, but they are known to be closed/locked as it nears dusk and sometimes during the off-season.

7. beaver pond

In addition to providing a nice resting place, this spot makes a nice viewing area for the trailside beaver pond and accompanying wildlife.

8. bike shops

The signs along the trail indicate numerous choices for bike shops in the area. Some of these businesses offer rentals and others are for bike sales and repairs.

9. trailside businesses

Another indicator of the personality of a region is its businesses and the signs of businesses along the trail. Take a look at these business signs to get an idea of the atmosphere. Of course my two favorite southern stores are Winn Dixie (no signs available) and Piggly Wiggly (pictured).

10. botanical spelling test

Which of the following is correct:
A. Loblolly or Loblollly
B. Sassafras or Sassfras

11. unique trail landmarks

These mischievous trailside oddities reveal the carefree personality of this designated National Recreational Trail with an emphasis on the recreation.

12. forestry educational signs

13. rest areas

Eleven rest areas are scattered along the trail for the comfort and convenience of recreationalists. Eight of these rest areas provide at least one (often all) of the following amenities: cover for shade/rain, restrooms, seating, vending machine(s), information.

14. trailside flora and fauna

Llamas & emus & deer, oh my!! These Seussical creatures lend even more playful atmosphere to an already whimsically enjoyable trail.