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Diamond Peak from Tahoe Meadows

This hike starts in a flower-filled meadow and just gets better.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 11 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Tahoe Meadows is a wonderful trailhead – one of the most pleasant around the lake – to embark from on a dayhike. The route to Diamond ... more »

Tips:  Directions -- Leave Incline Village on the Mt. Rose Highway, NV-431, and drive 7.4 miles to the Tahoe Meadows trailhead parking lot on... more »

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Points of Interest

1. TRT Trailhead

Embark from the informational kiosk for the Tahoe Rim Trail at the northwest corner of the trailhead parking lot. The obvious trail to the southwest parallels Mt. Rose Highway and skirts the meadow’s border for 0.4 miles. As you approach Ophir Creek, causeways assist your way across the fragile plants and wet ground. A boardwalk extends this... More

2. Right Turn

Follow the sign for TRT.

3. Biking Advisory Sign

The sandy trail heads southwest under a lodgepole cover for 0.3 miles when it heads east on the first of two long switchbacks leading to a good vista of the lake. Additional vistas are more frequent as the trees thin out and the boulders replace them. Traverse southward until the trail turns across the spur of the ridge, tracking east for about... More

4. Chickadee Ridge

After nearly three miles, you can find a reliable water source at the spring just above the trail. Contour to the south for another half mile to a small clearing where an obvious social trail leads 400 feet southwest to an outcrop with a perch affording a spectacular view over Lake Tahoe. Crystal Bay, named not for its gem-like waters but, for... More

5. Typical View from Ridge

Return to the trail and continue into and out of a ravine as you descend slightly from the high point of 8,830 feet. Contour in and out of the canyon among boulders on a sandy trail. Penstemmon and pine mat manzanita, buckwheat and pussy paws are the only colorful additions on this boulder-ridden slope. Descend into a broad flat saddle ringed by... More

6. View to Washoe Lake

7. Use Trail to Top of DP

From the next brief vista on the Tahoe side, you can spot the trip’s destination, highlighted by the chairlift terminus. Descend to another small, almost circular, saddle where you will begin to contour along the eastern side of Diamond Peak. A faint use trail heads southwest up through the trees, just before they completely peter out, to the peak.

8. Diamond Peak

Or, you can round the curve a 400 feet further south and then, just before entering the saddle, turn uphill on the sandy slope to your destination.

The return to the trailhead is easier and the missed picture is still there.