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Waterfront Bike Path to Springwater Corridor Path

A beautiful paved path that will bring from downtown and the shores of the Willamette to the small town of Boring, OR
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 23.9 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  This guide will take you along the official Waterfront Bike Trail of Portland on the West side of the Willamette, over the Steel... more »

Tips:  You'll want to either park at the east end of the path in Boring or find a parking garage or stret parking in downtown Portland to... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Waterfront Park

You'll need to find parking on side streets or in parking garages then walk to the park As you travel north through the park you'll have great views of the many bridges over the Willamette, which is why Portland is often called "Bridge City".

2. Crossing the Willamette

Here you will cross the river under the Steel Bridge. On the other side you will take a right and head south along hte Eastbank Esplanade.

3. Eastbank Esplanade

You'll have great views over the Willamette towards downtown Portland along this section of the ride.


If you have time and kids with you, this is a terrific place to stop to fill their little heads with tons of fun science! Also, check out the submarine! See the guide links for more info.

5. Start of Springwater Trail

Here you will travel off the Esplanade path down SE Caruthers Street then south down SE 4th Ave briefly to bring you to the north end of the Springwater Trail along the east bank of the Willamette. You will follow this path all the way to Boring.

Please see my other guide for more information about this Wildlife Refuge you are passing along with Sellwood Park a little further to the south.

7. Find your way

From here for a little ways the path isn't really official and some of it is still hardpack dirt. You'll need to go about 9 blocks to the east to meet back up with the paved corridor trail. Use the track included here as a guide to help you or just follow along the train tracks which go the same way. If you want to stick to paved back streets ... More

8. Springwater Corridor Trail

This is the official start of the paved trail to Boring. You will start out following Johnson Creek.

9. You are passing Powell Butte Nature Park

See my other guide for more information on this Park.

10. End of the Corridor Trail

If you want to explore a little further the path does continue south of Rte. 212 but it peeters out in Deep Creek County Park in a few miles.