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Bohemia Mountain & Ghost Town

A short hike with a beautiful view. Also explore an old mining town, including gold mines.
Rating: 3 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.9 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Bohemia Mountain Trail leads up a steep grade to the rocky summit of Bohemia Mountain, the highest point on the Cottage Grove... more »

Tips:  The trailhead is 40 miles southeast of Cottage Grove. From Interstate 5, take the Cottage Grove Exit #174, turning left on Row River... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Bohemia Mountain Trailhead

This is a good place to park if you are going to hike up to Bohemia Mountain, if you just want to see the Ghost Town drive a bit further to POI 3 in this guide. There is one outhouse stationed here.

The trailhead to Bohemia Mountain is located just beyond the pile of rocks directly in front of you.

Behind you is a road that goes up to Fairview ... More

2. Bohemia Mountain Summit

This rocky top features great views of the Cascades range from Mount Hood to Mt Shasta.

Look across to the fire tower atop Fairview Peak, and look down to see the ghost town of Bohemia City Below.

This is a great place to have a snack, but keep a close eye on young children as there are some sheer cliff drops all around the summit.

3. Bohemia City Trailhead

There are a couple of outhouses located here. This is a great place to park if you want to skip the Bohemia Mountain hike, and just hike down to the Ghost Town.

There are two trails that will take you down. When looking at the rocks in front of you one is to the left and the other is far to the right.

The trail to the right is a little bit... More

4. Fork

Turn left at the bottom of this large pile of tailings to continue down to Bohemia City.

Go right across the front of the trailings and follow this path for about a mile to explore one of the mine caverns that hasn't been collapsed.

5. Bohemia City Ghost Town

The Ghost town of Bohemia was once a small booming mining town from the 1800's. The area was and is rich in gold. And the rivers and streams always leave color in your pan. And people still mine there to this day for the gold ore. And its also known inside the Bohemia Mining Community that its not uncommon to find good size gold nuggets dredging... More

6. Old Gold Mine

This is a great mine to look at because it doesn't go very far back, and there are no downward shafts to fall into.

Bring along a flashlight, because even though this old mine doesn't go very far back, it goes just far enough that the back is out of the sunlight.

You may want to make some noise before venturing inside to make sure no animals... More

7. Fairview Peak Lookout

This 53-foot tall Fairview Peak Lookout Tower sports an awe-inspiring 360 degree view with a vista of the Cascade Range. On a clear day, visitors can see north to Mount Hood, south to Crater Lake and Mt. McLaughlin, and east to many prominent peaks in the Cascade Range.

Fairview Peak Lookout is available for rent from mid-June or early July... More