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North Umpqua River Rafting

A nice afternoon raft down some Class II and maybe Class III rapids through temperate rainforest surroundings
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 14.2 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  This is a fun afternoon raft down the North Umpqua River with easy Class II and Class III rapids. You'll float by spires of volcanic ... more »

Tips:  Directions to Gravel Bin Take Out:
Just east of the Steamboat Inn on HWY 138. From I-5, take exit 124 at Roseburg (towards City Center... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Boulder Flats Put in

Put in here. Wait your turn if others are there too. You'll be putting right into a pretty quick section of the river so be ready! :)

2. Rope Swing Lunch Break

A fun rope swing and a small beach to pull out to for a lunch break.

3. Gravel Bin Take Out

This is the take out.

4. River Views 1

Beautiful volcanic spires along the riverside.

5. River Views 2

Some rapids approaching a Highway 138 bridge over the river. Class II, maybe III in high water.

6. River Views 3

Heading through some more rapids.

7. River Views 4

More rapids and a very big tree trunk suspended on a boulder from times of higher water.

8. Burned Area River View

Rafting past a burned hillside.

9. Nearing the End

You are getting close to the take out at this point. Enjoy the last remaining views!