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Coast River Kayak Seaside Oregon

Take a trip up the Necanicum River and back from the center of town

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2.1 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is a southerly trip along the Necanicum River passing a number of bridges. From river to open water back to hemmed in river with ... more »

Tips:  You can hire peddle boats next to the boat launch from Spring Break onwards if you don't have a canoe or kayak.

Family members who... more »

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Points of Interest

1. The Boat Launch

The boat launch is situated behind the Seaside Convention Center on the West side of the Necanicum River at 1st Ave. There is also a peddle boat rental area open from Spring Break to Labor Day if you did not bring along a kayak or canoe.

Launch your kayak from the wide boat launch gradient and head South towards to town.

2. Avenue A Bridge

Proceed South along the river and through the town of Seaside with buildings bordering both sides of the river under Broadway Bridge and along to Ave A bridge a few hundred yards away.

Go under the bridge and into more open water no less sparsely populated with views of Tillamook Head in the distance in the direction that you are heading.

3. Ave G Bridge

Continue South from Ave A Bridge along to Ave G Bridge. Here the river open much wider. In fact, you are now moving along the rivers widest stretch. Great views in front and behind.

Start to look for birds either in the water or on the banks.

4. The Island

At the island you can head right or left around it. The left side as you head south (out on your journey) is the narrower side, but it pays to go around both sides on your journey to add a little different perspective along the trail.

5. Nature Trail

This is our favorite part of the journey. There is a small ramp at Cartwright Park to your left after the island than you could take a rest at, or indeed get picked up at.

The narrowing river bordered by low hanging trees makes for great wildlife watching and listening as well as a sense of being along in a relaxing environment. The river tends... More

6. Ave U Bridge

The turn around point for the journey. Depending on the time of year the river will either be a little shallower here or may be moving a little faster. Either way it's time to turn around and head back through the wildlife trail part of the route and back out into more open water after the island.

Try the other route around the island on the way ... More

7. Pearl Harbor Memorial

1st Ave Bridge is the site of the Pearl Harbor Memorial and is the farthest memorial West before Hawaii and considered to be the only memorial in contiguous USA West of the Mississippi........

8. Cartwright Park

A place to take a rest and have picnic along your journey if you desire.