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Mevagissey Treasure Trail

A great way to spend an hour or two exploring this historic fishing village.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.8 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This follows a "Treasure Trails" route around Mevagissey. Of course I'm not going to give away any of the clues but this shows you... more »

Tips:  "Treasure Trails" are available in Hurley Books in the village and also online at www.thecornishbookshop.com. This is a family... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start Point

The Ship Inn has the dubious curiosity of being below sea level at high high tide and has been known to flood when the places by the harbour side remain dry!

2. Welcome to Mevagissey

Bet you didn't know you could speak Cornish!? Like most of Cornwall we are named after a saint but we're particularly religious here and are named after Saint Meva and Saint Issey "hag" is Cornish for "and" so "Meva hag Issey" Fishing is a perilous life though so the more Saints on your side the better.

3. Into the Graveyard

Of course graveyards also give you a real sense of the history of a place. You will noticed "MM" on many of the gravestones, this stands for Master Mariner and remainds us how linked to the sea Mevagissey is.

4. Shilly Alley Op and beyond

From here you can go off exploring the little lanes of Mevagissey; you'll see front doors cut into roofs, tiny passage ways and a real sense of history. Can you imagine what moving house must be like if you live here?

5. Boats and Birds

The little bird on the boat is a Turnstone, these lovely little birds scurry all around the harbour.

6. A good time to stop for a coffee or an ice cream?

Here on the harbour front you are spoilt for choice, ice cream, a beer, a pot of tea or a tub of cockles?

7. Looking down on the harour from the lanes.

From here you start o make your way back down to the harbour.

8. Looking back onto the village

9. Looking out to sea.