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Scenic City Half Marathon

Similar race course as the full marathon minus one lap!
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 13.1 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  Undulating through the forest high above Chattanooga the Raccoon Mountain Trail System offers trail runners the perfect terrain for... more »

Tips:  Potable water is limited along this course if running unsupported. There is access to an outside spigot at the Laurel Point bathroom... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Runners will leave the start and run counter clockwise through the circle drive

2. Cross power line easement

3. Pink azaleas along trail

4. Runners continue straight on trail traversing steep grade

5. Runners continue straight ahead through 4 way

6. Trail breaks off to the Rt. Runners continue straight on trail

7. Cross road and continue on East Rim Trail

8. Views of Lookout Mountain off to the Rt as trail switchbacks up slightly

9. Trail emerges onto gravel road through power line easement

10. Runners turn right onto trail leaving gravel road

11. Trail intersection. Runners continue right passing switch yard on the left

12. Runners stay left at trail junction

13. Runners continue passing pond on left

Do not turn left toward the pond. If you pop out on a paved road you made a wrong turn.

14. Runners stay left at trail junction following Grindstone Ridge

15. Large rock right of trail

16. Continue on trail right passing spur trail to visitors center on left

17. Runners turn left up hill at trail junction

18. Runners turn left at next trail junction rejoining main trail

19. View from bluff looking out over Tennessee River Gorge

20. Runners emerge from forest on red clay dirt trail at base of rock impoundment

21. Trail exits forest again and follows rock trail at the base of the impoundment

22. Runners turn right at trail junction

23. Runners veer right at trail junction

24. Turn left at next trail junction toward Laurel Point parking lot