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Still Hollow 10K / Half Marathon

A new addition to the Salomon/Rock Creek Trail Series.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 6.2 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  Enterprise South Nature Park in Hamilton County, Tennessee, is the home to this event. Run on a mostly shaded course providing the 10K... more »

Tips:  Carry water! As with all race series events and any trip into the woods water is essential. Without the app and knowledge of how to... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Park Entrance sign

The park stays open until sunset check the Visitor's Center for times. The rangers will track you down if you are late and give you a firm talking to.

2. Park Entrance

Hamilton County's new park adjacent to Volkswagen right off of I-75 exit 9. Walking on miles of mulch paths, running on both road and trails, 9 miles of single-track mountain bike trails, and wildlife. This park is convenient to locals and travelers alike.

3. Start/Finish

Follow the paved road for .7 miles and you will find a gravel lot. On race day you'll see the arch and chute and tents and stuff.

The race starts by running back down entrance road for .4 miles.

4. Off pavement and onto Poe Run Path

Take a gentle right into grass and follow backside of parking area into woods. Cross stream bed, will normally be dry except in winter and spring, to Poe Run Path. Take a right and head back towards gravel lot. Poe Run Path is the most used of all trails in park running from Visitor's Center towards Hidden Lake. It becomes Hidden Lake Trail after ... More

5. Poe Run Path to Hawk's

Poe Run Path passes S/F, crosses the road and continues towards Hawks Ridge.

6. Left onto Hawk's Ridge

Hawk's Ridge signs are in black, follow until trail changes to Dogwood, which are brown. Hawk's and Dogwood are new trails and less used because they are away from the lake. There are now signs along these 2 trails.

7. End of Dogwood

Dogwood ends, left on road to HLT. The trail continues across the road. This is an easy turn to miss. If you intersect Hawk's you've missed the turn. Take a left and you will pass Bunker 39 just before intersecting HLT.

8. Hidden Lake to Deer Hollow

After passing Hidden Lake take right on road and then quick right up a small hill. At the next intersection turn right the trail will become Deer Hollow Trail. Confused? Welcome to ESNP. Use the app or be prepared to get lost.

9. Deer Hollow Trail

Deer Hollow Trail takes you from the backside of Hidden Lake back towards the gravel lot and the finish line. It ends at a road crossing and becomes Poe Run Overlook. Both trails are .59 miles long.

10. Poe Run Overlook

Poe Run Overlook picks up where Deer Hollow Trail stops and takes you to the gravel lot. On the 10k it is your sign to step on the gas. On the half marathon you will run this path twice.

11. Connector Trail

The Connector Trail gets you from the gravel parking lot to Black Forest Mountain Bike Trail.

12. End of Connector Trail

When you reach pavement at Bunker 100 you have arrived at Black Forest Mtn Bike Trail. Right turn to run the loop (1.82 miles). Left is the fast way to TNT.

13. Black Forest

Black Forest Mountain is a beginner bike trail you will encounter after the Connector Trail. Go right at the bunker and run until you come to a sign at the intersection.

14. Black Forest Loop ends

At the sign your choice is to head right for TNT or go left back to the bunker and the Connector Trail The Still Hollow Half Marathon goes right to TNT.

15. TNT Trailhead

TNT is a great trail to run or ride.

16. TNT Mountain Bike Trail

TNT is a 4 mile trail with character. It is built on the side of a hill and sweeps in and out of the fingers and draws as it twists and winds around the loop. Run it from where BFM crosses the ADA Loop and go right. It has some decent hills, a few rocks and roots, plenty of twists and turns, numerous jumps and whoop de doos to throw your pace off,... More

17. TNT Backside

At the backside of TNT you climb back across the hill in a set of switchbacks then past a couple of bunkers and back to the pine trees.

18. Onto the ADA road

Once you have finished TNT take a right onto the road. At the intersection turn left and follow the road back to Poe Run Overlook and the finish.