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Jibbon beach walk in Royal National Park

8.7 mile trail near Cronulla, Australia
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 8.7 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  Jibbon beach walk is about 8.7 miles long and located near Cronulla, Australia. You start and end with a ferryboat trip and should... more »

Tips:  Most of this trip is on the historic Gunnamatta Bay ferry and the walking is limited to a fairly short distance through the Northern... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Morning coffee at Cronulla

Cronulla has similar geography to Manly in that there is a headland separated from the mainland by an isthmus. This gives it two good beaches, one facing the ocean and another on the sheltered side in Port Hacking (named after first fleet quartermaster of HMS Sirius, Henry Hacking). From Cronulla railway station you can walk the few yards to the... More

2. Ferry arriving

At 11:30 the M.V. Curranulla arrives.
A dozen or so passengers boarded the ferry for our trip to Bundeena.

3. Ready to race

Yachts at the Cronulla sailing club.

The ferry burbled it’s way across Port Hacking. As it is shallow over vast areas, the ferry followed a well marked channel. The sun is shining and there is a pleasant slightly cooling breeze. Soon we moored at a sunny Bundeena.
Bundeena is one of the few towns within the Royal National Park area. It is easy to get to by ferry but probably quite a ... More

5. Looking back to Bundeena

At the end of the beach after putting your footwear back on, the walk from here follows the rocky headland and is a mixture of narrows tracks through fairly overgrown bush and open rocky areas right on the coastline. It can be quite hot and I did not feel 100% comfortable brushing my way through the wattle with my exposed bare legs. There are... More

6. Distant city

The track comes out right onto the rocky coastline on occasions and you can see the distant city on the horizon.
After a while you arrive at Jibbon Head which has a magnificent view looking out across the ocean. You have a got a 270 degree vista of blue water from the ocean and right round to the upper reaches of Port Hacking. There is not a soul ... More

7. Jibbon Bombora

You continue in and out of the bush along the track until arriving at a beach. Here looking out to sea there is Jibbon Bombora that is white water caused by a large underwater area of rocks.
This is the point where you leave the coastal path and take another path that wleads through the bush and back to Jibbon Beach. Luckily the path was through... More

8. Back to the beach

Soon the bright blue of Port Hacking came back into view. A little while later you can paddle your way back along the beach. After another session of reapplying socks and shoes you can stroll back along the hilly walk to the ferry quay.

9. Bundeena mermaid

Near the ferry quay you may feel that it is your duty to buy an ice cream in a local shop and sit in the park opposite to eat the ice cream while looking across the other local beach in Bundeena.

As I walked down to the ferry I saw a mermaid.

10. Port Hacking

I took a photo looking out from Port Hacking towards the ocean.

11. The return ferry arrives

The ferry

12. Inside the ferry

I caught the 3pm ferry
Inside the ferry.

13. Nearly back in Cronulla.

On a sunny day you may want to sit outside at the stern.
Nearly back in Cronulla.

14. I caught the bus here

There are bus stops right by the station for a choice if you are using public transport.