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Hiking Cedar Point Preserve

An often overlooked beautiful hike in Northeast Florida
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Be sure to check out our trip report for more pictures and track.
There are ... more »

Tips:  There are no places out here to get directions, food or water. My advice is to come with a map and ever thing you'll need for the day.... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trail Head - End of Cedar Point Road

A refreshing hike through old Florida. Lots of shade here in the warm months and sea breezes in the afternoon. Wide well groomed trails through pine barrens and hardwood hammocks draped with Spanish moss. The views along the marsh will amaze you and have you wondering where everyone is. Always quiet and serene here, most times you can hike the... More

2. Recommended start of hike

Park either at the end of Cedar Point Road or at the boat ramp (parking at ramp is minimal, take care not to tie up a space large enough for a vehicle and trailer.) The trail is unmarked but starts behind the manatee sign by the ramp. This well established trail will take you along some beautiful marsh front and merge with the marked trail.