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Ice Age Trail: Scuppernong

Follow the Ice Age trail up and down over rugged kettles of hardwood forest from CTH-C to STH-67.
Rating: 3 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 5.5 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Scuppernong segment of the Ice Age trail hikes up and down over kettles of hardwood in the Kettle Moraine State Forest-Southern... more »

Tips:  Signage

The Ice Age Trail:Scuppernong segment is well signed throughout with 3.5" rounded triangle "woolly mammoth" signs and yellow ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. CTH-C Trailhead

The Scuppernong segment starts at CTH-C, where it enters the northwestern most corner of the Kettle Moraine State Forest-Southern Unit. A wide flat shoulder provides off-road parking for a few cars.

The Waterville segement continues 1.1 miles north via an on-road connecting route.

2. Pinewoods Group Camp

The trail enters the Pinewoods Group camp. This section of the Pinewoods campground is reserved for registered groups. There are plenty of campsites available to non-registered groups just down the road in the main Pinewoods campground.

The Group camp has two separate bathrooms, ample parking, and a water source.

3. Pinewoods Group Camp North Restrooms

Building with Men's and Women's restrooms.

A restroom with plubming and showers exists further east in the Pinewoods campground.

4. Pinewood Group Camp Water

Water spigot

5. Scuppernong Northern Trailhead

Northern trailhead for the Scuppernong trail system.

The Ice Age trail enters the woods and continues south.

6. D. J. Mackie Group Picnic Area

The trail crosses a road connecting the D. J. Mackie Group Picnic Area to CTH-ZZ.

The D. J. Mackie Group Picnic Area has parking, restrooms, and water.

7. Scuppernong Southern Trailhead Spur Trail

A short spur trail leads to the Scuppernong Hiking & Ski Trail Parking area.


The trail crosses CTH-ZZ.

9. Scuppernong Southern Trailhead Spur Trail

A short spur trail heads west to the Scuppernong Hiking & Ski Trail South Parking area.

10. Piper Road

The trail crosses Piper Road.

11. McKeawn Springs Spur Trail

A short spur trail leads downhill to McKeawn springs.

12. Spy Glass Hill & Backpack Shelter #1 Access Spur

A short spur trail leads down away from the trail before ascending the backside of the of Spy Glass Hill to Backpack Shelter #1.

The panoramic view is worth the side trip even if you're not camping at the backpack shelter.

13. STH-67

The trail crosses the busy STH-67.

14. STH-67 Trailhead

A developed trailhead directly off of STH-67 offers parking, water, and trail information. The Ice Age Trail continues south on the Eagle segment.

This is a fee area. Vehicles parked here require a daily or annual pass. Registration and fees for either are accepted onsite via the "iron ranger" self pay station.

15. Waterville Trailhead

16. Pinewoods Campground Entrance

Entrance to the Pinewoods Campground.

17. Pinewoods Overflow Parking

A parking lot exists just inside the Pinewoods campground. This is a great parking option to parking on CTH-C for access to the northern most part of the Scuppernong segment.

Vehicles must have a valid access pass. An "iron ranger" self-pay station accepts access regsitration and fees.

18. Pinewoods Restrooms w/Showers

A large restroom with plumbing includes showers.

Outside the restroom is a small playground, water fountain, and vending.

19. D.J. Mackie Group Picnic Area

The entrance to the D.J Mackie Group Picnic Area, which provides parking, restrooms, and water.

20. Scuppernong Southern Trailhead Entrance

Entrances to the Scuppernong Hiking & Ski Trail Parking on either side of CTH-ZZ. Both parking areas offer a spur trail with access to the Ice Age Trail.

The north lot includes a restrooms and water.

21. Scuppernong Southern Trailhead Ice Age Trail Access

A short spur trail leads from the Scuppernong Hiking & Ski Trail Parking Area North to the Ice Age Trail.

22. Scuppernong Southern Trailhead Ice Age Trail Access

Trailhead for a short spur leading from the Scuppernong Hiking & Ski Trail South Parking Area to the Ice Age Trail.

23. McKeawn Springs

Immediately next to STH-67, McKeawn springs feeds a trout pond and Scuppernong Creek.

A well with a hand pump is on trail slightly further south at the STH-67 trailhead.

24. Backpack Shelter #1

Atop the bluff known to locals as Spy Glass hill, the Backpack Shelter #1 campsite offers an Adirondack style shelter, picnic table, campfire ring, and an impressive vista.

The shelter is available via reservation by calling 888-947-2757.