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Casablanca, Grand Casablanca Region, Morocco, Africa

Its very name synonymous with love, coastal Casablanca makes for an alluring choice of romantic destination. Although today Casablanca is a large, modern city, the former French colonial post still allows myriad movie moments for those who want to revisit Bogart and Bergman’s love in the medina and Old City.

Seychelles, Africa

This outstandingly romantic archipelago of 115 islands sits in the Indian Ocean just northeast of Madagascar. A marvelous abundance of intimate hotels and resorts may entice you to stay within, but the Seychellois beaches, rainforest and coral islands are sure to coax you out to explore together.

Bali, Indonesia, Asia

A romantic paradise awaits you on the Indonesian island of Bali. From inviting beaches, terraced rice-fields and lush green highlands to a spiritual Hindu culture and village traditions that have remained unchanged over the centuries, not to mention fabulous resort hotels - this is a mystical experience to last a lifetime.

Shanghai, China, Asia

It may come as a surprise that bustling, energetic Shanghai presents any number of romantic diversions. The leafy streets of the charming French Concession on the west bank are a delight to stroll. Traditional Chinese gardens offer peaceful escapes and the waterfront Bund is a thrill to explore.

Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Kinki, Japan, Asia

Regardless of season, it's hard not to succumb to romance as you wander Kyoto's atmospheric streets, gazing at the glimmering Kinkaju Pavilion and its lotus ponds and feasting at restaurants over the River Kamo. Glimpse a geisha disappearing down a narrow alley in Old Kyoto as lanterns bob in traditional house doorways.

Aruba, Caribbean, North America

Aruba offers a delightful mix of daytime activities, nightlife and world-class dining to attract couples to its scenic shores. Indulge yourselves in romantic sunset walks on warm, sandy beaches and private coves, or explore the natural beauty or cultural attractions that make Aruba a popular honeymoon destination.

Jamaica, Caribbean, North America

Looking for a destination where the two of you can tempt each other without the distractions of tours, tourist traps and too many other travellers? Couples can enjoy long stretches of beautiful beaches and waterfalls, joyous rhythms of reggae and the natural beauty of a tropical island.

Puerto Rico, Caribbean, North America

Steeped in Spanish tradition, Puerto Rico offers more than beautiful beaches, spectacular views and clear waters. You can wander trails leading to dramatic waterfalls, shop along the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan and even try your luck at one of the island's elegant casinos.

St. Maarten-St. Martin, Caribbean, North America

A spicy marriage of European and Caribbean cultures, St. Maarten/St. Martin boasts lavish elegance and secluded beaches on the cosmopolitan French side and a bustling centre in Dutch-hued St. Maarten. Zouk, calypso, reggae and jazz soundtrack thrilling romantic dining experiences at some of the region's best restaurants.

Barbados, Caribbean, North America

Romance is in the air on this lush West Indian island in the Caribbean. Your getaway to Barbados can include a lazy day on the beach, afternoon tea-British style, listening to the pulsating sounds of reggae or calypso, sipping rum and chilling out under a star-studded Bajan sky.

St. Lucia, Caribbean, North America

Lovers adore the intriguing island of St. Lucia, with its intoxicating melee of beaches and activities. Sparkling waters contrast with palm-fringed beaches, elegant former plantation homes thrill with the aromas of spicy flavours of cooking and waterfalls tumble through forest rich with rare parrots and magnificent flashes of colour.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, Caribbean, North America

Coves and candlelight dinners attract romantics to cosmopolitan Grand Cayman. Sands stretch for miles, world-class restaurants serve sumptuous dishes, and Caribbean breezes lightly ripple across the island. It's a paradise both above and below water, as those who don snorkelling equipment will soon discover.

Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda, Caribbean, North America

Behind a nearly unbroken coral reef, Antigua basks in balmy Caribbean breezes. With 365 beaches, one for every day of the year, secluded romantic strolls under the palm fronds are guaranteed. Shirley Heights offers breathtaking views out over English Harbour.

Turks and Caicos, Caribbean, North America

Just over an hour's flight from Miami, the Turks and Caicos Islands boast idyllic tropical beaches and turquoise tides. World-class spas offer opulent treatments and mouth-watering dishes with tropical twists. The islands are perfect for romantic strolls along deserted cays on starry nights.

Anguilla, Caribbean, North America

Beauty and tranquillity are the hallmarks of this unspoiled island paradise in the Caribbean. In Anguilla your blissful days on the soft white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise water are capped only by the gourmet meals you'll enjoy at the finest restaurants to be found in the region.

St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, Caribbean, North America

St. John teems with romantic restaurants and perfect settings for tender moments. Lovers lounge on stunning Cinnamon Bay beach, kick flippers through the coral of Trunk Bay, amble through Annaberg Sugar Plantation and indulge in the delectable cuisine on offer in Cruz Bay.

Bermuda, Caribbean, North America

The scents of hibiscus and oleander fill the air, balmy Trade Winds blow, secluded pink-sand beaches surround hidden coves, and candles twinkle during intimate dinners on this island made for couples. Horse-drawn carriages, stunning sunsets and moonlit strolls complete Bermuda's romantic ambience.

Curacao, Caribbean, North America

Considered a diving paradise, Curacao provides and island of wonders to couples. Spoil your loved one with morning swims in warm, clear waters, afternoon lounging on sunny beaches, sunset-lit walks through 17th-century architecture or romantic world-class dining.

St. Kitts, St. Kitts and Nevis, Caribbean, North America

Romance pervades the exotic tropical island of St. Kitts, with its wonderful beaches and cloud-tipped peak. An intoxicating blend of natural beauty, idyllic weather, stunning beaches, marvellous Colonial architecture and luxurious accommodations in former plantation homes are just some of St Kitts' Caribbean adventures.

St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, Caribbean, North America

St. Croix has long been a Mecca for those with romance on their minds. This irresistible island is a marvellous melange of beaches, tropical foliage, former plantation homes and bustling small towns. Guests stroll historic Christiansted, sip champagne on sunset sails and idle hours amid the flowers of the botanic gardens.

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