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Map of Somers Point Hotels

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Passport Inn
139 reviews
Budget Inn
25 reviews
Pier 4 Hotel
132 reviews
Sunrise Hotel
Bed and Breakfast
1 review
Owl Motel and Suites
Bed and Breakfast
15 reviews
Ocean City Mansion
Bed and Breakfast
178 reviews
Biscayne Suites
201 reviews
Bayberry Inn - Ocean City
Bed and Breakfast
125 reviews
Blue Water Inn
96 reviews
Scarborough Inn
Bed and Breakfast
190 reviews
Atlantis Inn Luxury B&B
Bed and Breakfast
293 reviews
Plymouth Inn
Bed and Breakfast
182 reviews
Forum Motor Inn
156 reviews
Logan Hotel
Bed and Breakfast
Coral Sands
142 reviews
Seaside Hotel
2 reviews