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Cincinnati, OhioJoined in Aug. 2004
I have lived in the midwest all of my life. I was raised on a farm in Illinois with most animals for the local church's nativity scene, graduated from an Indiana college and moved to Indianapolis. From my first position in department store retailing (manager, buyer) to moving to Cincinnati, OH for my extensive sales career in cosmetics to hospital sales to pharmaceuticals I have a diverse work experience. I love to travel when my budget allows. My new husband has afforded us a second home in the Florida Keys that's in a rental program. But we also LOVE traveling to NYC and an annual ski trip to the Rocky Mountains. In my travels I have relyed heavily on TripAdvisor opinions/reviews and have never been disappointed! From Nice & Paris, France to Waikiki & Maui, Hawaii to NYC to Vail & Aspen, CO to Park City, UT and my first Bahamas cruise last week this has been the BEST website that I recommend to everyone I can! Enjoy life and get out there and travel MORE!!!! Patty
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