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Layover times - some questions

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Layover times - some questions


I have recently found that almost every flight (Apart from higher priced ones) are informing me i must layover for upto 23 hours. I have never had to do this before and i have some questions from those who have had to do this.

I am going to India for about the 7th time and the cheapest flight i find uses KLM that goes to Amsterdam. It is roughly 15 hours layover to India .

(Q 1) Does my luggage transfer to my connecting flight. IE: I do not need to pick it up and slug it about ? Obviously, i may need to leave the Airport (See Q2) and do not wish to slug that about, too.

(Q2) If i leave the airport, via a Taxi, waht is the SP regarding return to the Airport?

What i mean is this: When we arrive at a terminal with our bags, the SP is common. Issue of tickets, loading luggage for flight and so on. We then make our way to the gate of departure. So, do i simply enter the terminal and by pass all that and make my way to my gate as stated on my Ticket?

(Q 3) How do i go about money to pay taxis and such? I would have some UK pound with me but i would have to exchange it for EUs? And the damn exchange rate and fees,

)(Q 4) What are the prices of Taxis from and also too the airport?

(Q 5) does anyone know of any cheaper flight sources that do not force me to wait more than 5 hours at an airport?

I would like to know people#s thoughts and ideas on this matter as it is new for me. I will not go asleep, even in a Hotel. I suffer from High Anxiety and simply will not be able to sleep until i land in Jaipur two days after my first flight. Yeah, i WILL stay awake.

Thank you.

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1. Re: Layover times - some questions


Security Protocol?

Spaghetti with Pimentos?

Are you checking airline sites for their connections or just relying on third parties to sell you obscure tickets?

Q1/ It depends on if you bought separate tickets, or if a third party sold you separate tickets, or you did the wise thing and bought from the airline directly and have a through ticket.

Q2/ SP?? If you have a single ticket, depending on the length of your connection, your bag is transferred automatically, but you have not provided sufficient info for advice.

Q3/ Check before you get in the taxi to see if they accept credit cards. You can use an ATM card to get money in the terminal if you need cash.

Q4/ Seriously? The basic rule is the further you take a taxi, the more it costs. It will cost differently in different cities.

Q5/ There is only one source you should be using... the airline websites.

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2. Re: Layover times - some questions

"KLM via Amsterdam" sounds very much like one ticket, not two. It's a very common way to travel for those of us who live near UK regional airports.

As a Schiphol regular let me add to the answers already given:

1) Yes, your baggage will be checked through (assuming one ticket)

2) Why would you want to leave the airport by TAXI? If you want to go into Amsterdam there are trains every few minutes which are a lot quicker than taking a taxi. But if all you're looking for is a hotel then there are three hotels within walking distance, plus two that are airside (meaning. you don't have to go through Immigration or re-clear security).

If you decide to go landside then you have to go back through Immigration and Security, and you want to allow at least 90 minutes for that (so that's the absolute latest you want to be at the airport)

3) Whether you pay in cash or by card you will always be paying in Euro so no point whingeing about exchange rates. It's probably a good idea to have some cash. There are ATMs all over the airport, both landside and airside.

4) No idea Would never consider a taxi.

5) Can't help with your research, sorry. If you have a problem with long connections look at an airline that flies to India direct from the UK.

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3. Re: Layover times - some questions

i am surprised that you don't know the answer to these questions as you have been on at least 7 trips if not more.

You want the cheapest flights then you need to live with the flaws of travelling on the cheap. That's the cost.The are not going to put you on the most convenient flights where they can get away with charging more.

Live with it.

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4. Re: Layover times - some questions

Sorry, but my answer to all questions is fly non-stop from U.K. to India.

Best of luck,


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5. Re: Layover times - some questions

Q4/ Amsterdam traffic is horrendous, so cars to city center from Schipol really add up. There's a convenient train to the main station. Take that and taxi from there.

Q5/ To see most options (I believe there are a few small carriers that don't show), use ITA matrix. But I assume, since you've taken this route many time, you're pretty capable of searching flights, and expect there isn't a cheap direct flight hiding from you.

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6. Re: Layover times - some questions

If your wanting cheap flight prices you will have to take the on the whole awful timings for flights, but really how much are you prepared to pay for flights to India?

Is it not worth you having less stress, as you say you suffer from anxiety to pay more for a smoother journey to India without all the bother of to/from Amsterdam with such a long layover.

You dont have to do it.

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7. Re: Layover times - some questions

Check on google flight etc.

If you have flight anxiety, take direct flights.

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8. Re: Layover times - some questions

SP - Standard Procedure. As in when someone says "What's the SP on this"

Thanks for the replies. I am not able to afford to book direct with Etihad as the prices have doubled since i last booked. Quite the same for most other places. I do volunteer work in India and i have only enough money for this one last trip after which i will no longer have any more funds to go anywhere. I am in the UK.

Yes, i have been 7 times and never been forced to stayover anywhere. I always used Etihad, but this time, i can't.

Thanks for the replies.

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9. Re: Layover times - some questions

I always thought SP was a betting term i.e. starting price. Never heard of SP meaning starting procedure.

It is pretty much a British thing to so maybe using it on an international forum is not that wise.

Anywhoo where are you thinking of flying from. Manchester I presume? What dates? Maybe someone can find you a better routing. have you considered flying to another Indian city, say New Delhi and taking an internal flight. Youcan fly to JAipur from under 20 quid.

Actually Air India fly direct to DEL from Birmingham. Have you checked out prices from there?

OK to answer your Amsterdam q's - no real need to take a taxi but if you want that option then get an UBER account and use UberX. For me usually around €25 into the city.

Normally over 12 hours layover you can get your bags back but you can also ask the airline to keep them. Some people might need a Schengen visa to collect bags so airlines will keep bags in transit for up to 24 hours.

Going back to the airport I would get there at least 2 hours prior even with only hand luggage. Passport control can be a bltch. I nearly missed my last flight to the UK.

If you need a hotel and it sounds like you are short of cash then check out hotels at Sloterdijk or the MotelOne at the RAI or indeen the Citizen M at the airport of at Amsterdam Zuid. All very easy to reach by train.

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10. Re: Layover times - some questions

SP means starting price to me as well Ronaldo, or spelling (sp) or even sex party, but I've never heard of it meaning standard procedure.