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Unbelievably unpleasant experience with KLM cabin crew

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Unbelievably unpleasant experience with KLM cabin crew

Hello travel falks,

I just had the worst experience with KLM, flying from Amsterdam to Nairobi, and deeply shocked by their attitude. But I'm wondering what kind of action I can take...help me out!

This is what happened.

I was initially sitting on an aisle seat, but entertainment device was not working. Since I had connection flight and my whole travel was so long, I wanted to enjoy the entertainment. Thus, I kindly asked to change my seat. Firstly, they offered me a middle seat, but i asked if there is another option as my initial seat was aisle. Secondly, I was asked to move to the emergency exit seat, which was middle seat but they told me it had extra leg room, so I accepted it (in fact I do not need any extra leg room as I'm short).

On that seat, I called assistance for couple of times (1. To pick up my glasses which I could not finish, 2. To give me a blanket and pillow, which was not delivered for 1hour or more till the last incident, 3. When the device suddenly shut and reset, and after resetting I could not start).

Now the issue started, I called assistance as the entertainment device was not working anymore again, then the neighbors started complaining not to bother them. They were friends and was sitting on window seat and aisle seat, so I understand they were unhappy that I came to sit middle of them. Plus they were talking loudly over me all the time. My point is here, I didn't mean to bother them by calling assistance, and it is not my fault that I needed assistance. Also, when the flight attendant came, she told me she cannot do anything but reset the system, although, there were couple of empty seats, so if she told me that I can only move to middle seats, I could accept it. Or some airlines even give compensation for broken entertainment devises. However, she didn't give me any other option but just stay in the place which had issues.

Now, the neighbors started yelling at me with dirty words including "fuxk you", "you do not have education", "you do not have manner" etc. She also complained that I pressed the assistance button too many times. (Which I explained above three times that I called assistance, she couldn't even explain me the other times I called assistance. Therefore, I firmly insist that I only called the assistance for the above reasons.) The even worse is when the guy next to me told me "you should stay in toilet", she was laughing with them. She was just listening them calling me names, and in the end she just said "we reset the system and that's it, no more talk" and walked away. To add, my blanket was not brought till the end of this argument. I am a int. civil servant and flying with many carriers so many times, but I have never treated in this way.

Obviously, I was unhappy to sit between the guys who call me names, so I went back to my initial seat. And I have walked to the chief of the flight to talk about the issue. He firstly didn't even listen to me and shouted at me "what is the issue?? We are done with you!!" I could not believe I was talking to the chief of the KLM team, seriously.

I explained my side of story and said the initial issue is not me, but the entertainment was not working, and i was happy to stay my initial seat if the system was working. And I called the assistance because of the above reasons. I also asked them why the neighbors felt I was disturbing them, she told me they were bothered because I was calling assistance several times. Here is the point, if the air craft did not have issue, i did not have to change seats or complain. So I complained with fair reasons (well, I say my situation was unfair cuz all the passengers pay the fairs and only me get no entertainment just for bad luck?). Also she told me calling assistance to ask them to pick up my glasses is inappropriate (I could not finish drink and was afraid to spilt over), but is it true that I cannot ask them to pick up? In other flights, they nicely and kindly bring water or picked them up when I finished...

To conclude, I felt strongly offended by the KLM team which did not offer me the service which should have been included in the fair, and yelling at the customer in the above described way. Plus, I feel that it is so inappropriate to let the other customers yelling with those bad words and did not even support me by explaining that I was unwillingly required to change the seat. It was definitely oral harassment in front of the public.

Furthermore, they have threatened me that they will also report me when I told that I will need to complain to the customer service for this incident. I was simply surprised they can threaten the customer in this way.

I already raised this issue on their whatsapp customer service as well as filed this case. But it seems like taking extremely long to get reply from them.... I have another flight with KLM coming in a month time, and I am very worried this could happen again. Is there any way I can raise up this issue high up? I wouldn't mine using my lawyer too.


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1. Re: Unbelievably unpleasant experience with KLM cabin crew

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Sheffield, United...
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2. Re: Unbelievably unpleasant experience with KLM cabin crew

Thanks for your opinion!

Yes, I was flying many times but this never happened to me in any flights.

Could I ask a question? So I should have rights to have what others are offered, and was not given. And they didn't offer me compensation or other seats, what fault did I get from there? And in any case, it is not professional behavior to yell at people?

My people around me talks and explains more when they got upset or angry rather than showing emotion.

It is interesting to hear opinion from people like you! Thank you!

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3. Re: Unbelievably unpleasant experience with KLM cabin crew

Wow - that was a lot of fuss because your IFE wasn't working. Sometimes that happens - it's not great but I think you need to get over it.

Calling the crew to take away unfinished drinks is probably acceptable in 1st or business class but your expectations are a bit high for economy.

Good luck finding a lawyer to take this on ...

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4. Re: Unbelievably unpleasant experience with KLM cabin crew

"I wouldn't mine using my lawyer too"

Ha ha ha ha, best laugh I've had today. Keep the jokes coming OP

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5. Re: Unbelievably unpleasant experience with KLM cabin crew

Okay, when I use emirates or quater (I use them most frequently), they are always serving water or taking away cups, so I didn't know.....! I will reflect from doing that with other airlines then.

And my point was more about their attitude rather than the broken device itself. In my former experience, they more or less found option. Some of them gave me newspaper to read or extra magazines when they are fully booked and couldn't move me.

Anyway, it is nice to know others opinion as well as what I should expect for the airline.

Thank you for your opinion!

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6. Re: Unbelievably unpleasant experience with KLM cabin crew

Glad I made you laugh ;) yes our lawyer even check formal complaint letters, she is great!

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7. Re: Unbelievably unpleasant experience with KLM cabin crew

'But I'm wondering what kind of action I can take' Not a lot.

The primary outcome of any flight is to depart and arrive safely, which it seems you and the airline accomplished. The IFE Is an extra; granted it may not be pleasant to have a long flight without it but it's quite possible to fly without switching the system on at all.

Some airlines do/did at one time offer compensation for no IFE, but that compensation is likely to be frequent traveller miles, and if you don't collect FlyingBlue miles then this will be of no use to you.

You asked to have the IFE reset after moving seats - it's not a straightforward process as it's not done seat by seat but centrally - if a reboot needs to be done then no one would have IFE for perhaps 15 to 30 minutes. Sometimes there's not much crew can do about it.

As for the other passengers and crew ... hmm.

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8. Re: Unbelievably unpleasant experience with KLM cabin crew

Thank you fare sharing your insight.

Your point makes sense, but I fly with them frequently (maybe once in 1-2months) and collecting flying blue point. So they could offer me the compensation. And as above, when i was flying with Emirates and the device had an issue, they offered me newspapers and magazines not to bore me.

About resetting the system, they told me that they can reset individually, but they told me that maybe the box under my seat had issue so that resetting may not change anything.

My complaint is, again, more about the attitude of the cabin crew. I know this thing could happen, but then, they could act professionally and offered me better solution than yelling with no sense?

Again, I may be wrong as I have been so lucky that I haven't encountered people who can just yell or shout without rational explanation which you made....

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9. Re: Unbelievably unpleasant experience with KLM cabin crew

Write to their customer service department, explain the situation, and see if you receive a response. I would draft your complaint in a much more succinct manner though, sticking to basic facts. You could express your disappointment with the Entertainment System and the staff attitude. Most upper tier airlines are reasonable in their review and responses to customer issues. I have had a few flights where the IFE has not worked, the staff have always been great though. When I wrote to the airline (Air France and Emirates) I was awarded compensation points.

Sheffield, United...
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10. Re: Unbelievably unpleasant experience with KLM cabin crew

Thank you for your help!

Yes I have just written the fact of what has happen chronologically (maybe that's my character, as I have been working for economic journalist and now civil servant, we are trained to write without emotion. And you are totally right, I should express my disappointment!)

KLM and Air France is now in the same company I have heard, so I hope I get reasonable reply and compensation for this.

Thank you again!!

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