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Changed flight and now double booked!

Mullingar, Ireland
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Changed flight and now double booked!

Ok I’ll try to break this down as easily as possible.

I booked a flight with BA for the 4th of March. Then found out that I am not working on the 3rd. So I rang to enquirer about changing the flight to the 3rd of March and was informed that it would cost £1400 to do so! Surprisingly I declined.

That was about two weeks ago. Now I have checked my itenery and I am booked into a flight on the 3rd and the 4th.

So I have a new booking and my original booking is also showing up in my account. BA never confirmed this with me but no extra charge has been taken from my account.

My question is, should I ring them and enquire as to what happend and risk them cancelling the preferred flight on then 3rd, or just wing it and get a boarding pass for the 3rd and act like nothing is wrong?

Sorry it’s a long post, any advice would be appreciated!

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Brisbane, Australia
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1. Re: Changed flight and now double booked!

Logically you should ring them ... "presume" you don't and actually get on the flight on the 3rd when you don't arrive on the 4th your return will be cancelled.

There's obviously some mistake ... call them and find out.

Reykjavik, Iceland
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2. Re: Changed flight and now double booked!

Absolutely get in touch with them, as soon as possible 😏

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3. Re: Changed flight and now double booked!

Really? You have to post to ask if you should call the airline to clear this problem up?

hudson valley
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4. Re: Changed flight and now double booked!

"when you don't arrive on the 4th your return will be cancelled. "

And maybe they belatedly bill you for the flight on the 3rd, too, since that's when you actually fly.

If you don't check with them you've got no idea what they did, so you really don't know what will happen. It might be nice to have the extra day, but since you originally booked for the 4th and that will still work the safe course of action is to call and let them know that you never confirmed the change and are now booked on both days.

Los Angeles...
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5. Re: Changed flight and now double booked!

Your title states that you changed the flight, but later you say you did not change it.

Either way, you need to contact the airline about the extra flight they are showing.

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6. Re: Changed flight and now double booked!

Something similar happened to me with a hotel booking. I called phone agent and we did some preliminary looking into a date I wanted, but at the end I did not book. Yet when I checked online this search booking was on my account. I called hotel to ask and cancel but they said I had no current booking. Eventually it went away I think.

Anyway, agree that a phone call to confirm would be wise.

Portland, Oregon
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7. Re: Changed flight and now double booked!

It look to me as tough when you inquired about changing the flights, BA started a new reservation (PNR) to accommodate them. Then when you declined the agent didn't void the new PNR and it's still lingering there in the system and hasn't been wiped. And it's sitting alongside your original reservation/PNR which is still likely valid.

I've had this with "my" airline (United) where my company's travel agent has made a reservation that they didn't ticket due to change of my plans and then made another reservation that did ticket. The old one lingered. I called United and they removed the lingering reservation (I asked them to be very careful to not remove the live one, or the other two for different flights I had booked).

So yes call BA and ask. Suggest to them (as per my case) that of the two PNRs, one may be expired. Explain that your original reservation should still stand and you DON'T want that canceled, just the other one.

Good luck.

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Portland, Oregon
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8. Re: Changed flight and now double booked!

Just to add. When you call BA, be very polite. The agent you speak with almost certainly won't be the one that left the lingering PNR lingering, and sometimes lingering PNRs are a result of computer mess ups.

Make sure you know which PNR (reservation code) was the original/ticketed and should be kept live and which should be voided and is not ticketed. And double check with the agent that that is still the case before they do the voiding.

Stay polite and calm. It's not easy for an agent seeing two PNRs and working out which to void, and it takes time. So be prepared to help them.

"My original reservation code is H6GDX. I inquired about a change, which I ultimately declined, and a new reservation YFV7D has appeared. Can you see those? Good. I think YFV7D needs to be voided. Can you please check that this hasn't been ticketed? And confirm that H6GDX is still valid/live? If so please void YFV7D." ..... wait up to 20 minutes answering questions and chatting ..... "Let me check that in MMB. Yes, H6GDX is still there and ticketed. Thank you."

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Edinburgh, United...
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9. Re: Changed flight and now double booked!

As USBT says, this is probably just a "shadow" PNR. Check for a ticket number - I'm guessing you won't find one (as a ticket hasn't been issued). At the same time, you can confirm that you still have a ticket number for the flight on the 4th.

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