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Tipping the Emirates chauffeur

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Tipping the Emirates chauffeur

At some airports Emirates offers a complimentary chauffeur drive service for business and first class passengers. I have used this service many times and usually give the driver a tip, especially for helping with bags.

Two weeks ago my sister-in-law arrived in Cape Town. It was her first visit and first experience with Emirates chauffeur. She was travelling alone. She was made to feel uncomfortable when all the driver talked about during the 30 minute journey was tipping and how generous most passengers were with tips. He also told her it was his birthday the next day.

She did tip him but felt that the worst part of her long journey was the Emirates chauffeur's behaviour. She didn't want to report it.

I just wonder, is it normal to tip the chauffeur?

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1. Re: Tipping the Emirates chauffeur

Probably best posting in the Cape Town forum I think? Drivers' behaviour was unacceptable. Tipping customs differ from country to country. I had a similar unpleasant experience in Capetown 4 years ago but didn't feel unsafe just a bit annoyed.

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2. Re: Tipping the Emirates chauffeur

I would treat an Emirates chauffeur the same as I would a taxi driver. If (as here in the UK) it is customary to tip taxi drivers I would tip him, in a country where taxi drivers don't expect tips I wouldn't.

I'm not sure how I would react to a taxi driver going on and on about expecting a tip, and mentioning a forthcoming birthday. I would certainly not be happy.

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3. Re: Tipping the Emirates chauffeur

On the other hand, if he spoke of tipping excessively and the birthday (usually a sick daughter comes into the conversation), I would give him a lesson in tipping - $0

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4. Re: Tipping the Emirates chauffeur

I agree with Travellinallover.he would have got bugger all from me.I once did a free tour in Berlin, the guide went on and on about that he just did this for tips, got no salary and how genrous people were and that he needed money to pay his way through college etc.

at the end of the tour I gave him a tip as they do get charged for everyone on the tour but told him he would have got a lot more if he hadn't gone on about tipping throughout the tour

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5. Re: Tipping the Emirates chauffeur

I have used the chauffeur service with Emirates many many times and only once have I tipped. This was Christmas and the same diver had driven me a few times. Given I was paying the excess to travel outside the 'free' pick up radius I just rounded the payment up and said to get a Christmas drink.

But my next flight in a few days with EK no I will not be tipping the driver and I have never ever had a driver who has ever mentioned tips, but then again every single one has been professional, something your sisters experience with the driver appears not to of been.

I dont feel guilty in not tipping.

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6. Re: Tipping the Emirates chauffeur

I always tip the driver (they are self employed contracted by Tripstar for EK) if they give good service especially if they take my bags to the check-in desk and into my porch at arrival home.

If they were a bore and pushy I would not tip...

Long thread here



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7. Re: Tipping the Emirates chauffeur

The drivers in the UK are employed by another company (after Sapphire then PCS) dont think they are self employed. Glad after the last upheaval to the new company most kept their jobs

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8. Re: Tipping the Emirates chauffeur

We use them quite a lot and have tipped every time (they help with bags etc)

The UK ones are always very professional and I dont think they would ever dream of mentioning tipping.

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9. Re: Tipping the Emirates chauffeur

To me tipping a driver is a sign of satisfaction with his service, and the level of the tip depends on the country and the level of satisfaction.

Key to me with a chauffeur service: Is the driver on time, is the car proper, no BO, comfortable driving style adhering to (most) of the laws and obviously (s)he should help with the luggage.

I do normally give a tip to a driver offering a fair to good service. I do not hesitate not to tip if I think the service was sub-standard (especially if I get an uncomfortable ride).

I do not react positively to a driver fishing for tips.

If I have a talkative driver but I am in no mood for talking, I will send the necessary signs that I am not interested in any conversation.

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10. Re: Tipping the Emirates chauffeur

As others have said, I follow the customs of the country I am visiting. We always tip the driver for the US part and then depending on the service and the customs may tip the other country driver a bit less. We know what it costs to go from SF to SFO by a limo but we don't know what it costs to go say from a hotel in Dubai to the airport -- so we ask the hotel concierge and then tip appropriately

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