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Flight socks

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Flight socks

Sorry in advance if this has been covered before but I did a search and couldn't find anything.

In October we are flying from London to New York with Virgin Atlantic. It is our first flight that is over an hour long. I wondered if anyone knew whether Virgin supply compression socks to stop DVT or whether I should buy some? I ask this because I have been told by one friend that Virgin give you a travel kit when you fly with them but they couldn't remember if it had socks in it or not.

I feel it is my responsibility to buy my own but don't want to waste money if they are given out.

Kind regards


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1. Re: Flight socks

you used to get socks in a pack but there not flight socks, on amazon you can get them for about £6, worth the money, just reminded me i 'll have to get some for mexico

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2. Re: Flight socks

If you exercise your legs during the flight at regular intervals you should not need flight socks. Hardly anyone wears them. They really are restrictive. If you move your foot in circles from the ankles it will exercise all of the lower leg.

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3. Re: Flight socks

We have travelled long haul many times and have used compression socks a few times but gave up doing so as we found we had less problems with swollen ankles by not wearing them

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4. Re: Flight socks


I have to use them on long haul or my ankles do swell up! They are not nice and cant wait to get the things off. If you think you need them wear them or you could spend the first day or two in flip flops.

As for do airlines give them out, I've never come across it, only little ankle socks to put on instead of your shoes.

PS Dont wear them to the loo's,lol


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5. Re: Flight socks

No VA do not give out flight socks, only very small ankle socks. If you want to buy them they sell them at the airports in Boots but they are expensive. We always wear them for long flights.

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6. Re: Flight socks

They hand out flight socks in Upper Class but they aren't compression socks.

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7. Re: Flight socks

You should properly measure yourself up for flight socks so best sorted before you travel. I managed to get a DVT even though I was wearing them so don't put full faith in them, make sure you exercise and move about the plane now and then.

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8. Re: Flight socks

"We always wear them for long flights."

I do too.

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9. Re: Flight socks

The jury is still out as to whether compression socks do anything at all to stop DVT


I tried them once but they were too uncomfortable and in my case didn't even stop the ankles swelling.

The best way to combat the risk of DVT is to drink plenty of water, restrict the alcohol intake and get up and walk around regularly. There are also in seat exercises you can do that are usually shown in the in flight magazines.

Some people swear by taking aspirin (presumably to thin the blood) but I'm not sure if there is any evidence to support the effectiveness of that either.

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10. Re: Flight socks

I've worn knee-length flight socks and also bought a pair of flight panty hose, because I hate the way the socks feel near my knees. I'm vertically-challenged and found that the panty hose work their way down a bit and then bunch at my ankles, feeling like I've got very tight 'lacky bands' around them. I'm sure that is more conducive to circulation problems than not wearing them, so they've been consigned to the bin. Last couple of flights (once in economy and once in first) I didn't wear them at all - I just made sure I drank plenty of water, restricted alcohol and got up and down, walked around and did twirly circles with my feet sort of regularly (admittedly this was easier in first because there's so much extra room).

I'll never wear those bloody awful things again :-)

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