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WARNING - Do not book with Flight Network!!!

Montreal, Canada
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WARNING - Do not book with Flight Network!!!

Here is the description of my terrible experience with FlightNetwork:

I needed to book round trip tickets to Copenhagen for 3 people. We searched Google flights for the best deal and found a round trip flight for $843 from Flight Network. Since we needed to book using 3 different credit cards, I called FlightNetwork for the booking to ensure that we all get the same price and availability. First, it takes the agent forever to find the flight I am talking about (even using the flight numbers). Then, the agent tells me that the price I am seeing is due to a “glitch” in the system but they would honour this price. I am put on hold for long periods of time in order for the agent to come to this conclusion. It is already 30 minutes that I’m on the call and I have no new information other than the information I already had accessed online in less than 2 minutes. I tell the agent I would like to book with 3 credit cards and apply a promo code (for $20 discount per booking). The agent then asks me for the credit card numbers. Without asking me for my promo code, she has already applied a random promo code that gives $10 discount. I was frustrated at the incompetence of the agent and the long wait times so I decided I would continue the transaction online. I hang up with the agent, go through the online booking system, put in my credit card, click on “Purchase Now”, only to get a pop up that says the online system could not confirm my fare. I refresh the page and suddenly the flight is showing up at $896. I call back 5 minutes after I’ve hung up with the agent the first time, and she tells me that flight prices have gone up. I now decide to proceed with the booking anyway as it is urgent enough for me to book this flight. Another 45 minutes goes by, again long hold times, and my 3 flights are now booked. I receive emails with details of the booking but no invoice. I told myself I would call the next day to ask about the invoice. The next day, I notice the flight is showing at $843 again! And, on top of that, when I log in to the Air Canada website to manage my booking, the purchase price is actually at $843. So when I call back FlightNetwork, I tell them about this and I also tell them that I can’t even confirm what has been charged because I never received an invoice. Again, more ridiculously long hold times - every time, I ask a question, the agent tells me to hold on, puts me on hold for 5-10 minutes and comes back throwing up an answer she received from someone else. What is the point of customer care agents when they have to consult every question. Initially, the agent tells me that she says I was charged $843 mistakenly. I am so confused. Then, she comes back and says oh no, it was $896 that you were charged. Complete chaos!! She sends me the invoice which says that I am paying $285 for the flight and $611.57 in taxes totalling $896.57. Then I tell her that the flight is back to $843 on their website. She says she cannot see this price in their database. I am literally refreshing the page as I speak to the agent and am seeing $843. I had to send a screenshot of what I am seeing on their website to them to prove that I am seeing this price!! She then says that because the flight is book, she cannot refund the difference but can provide it as a credit due to their price drop protection. I was not satisfied with this but looked like I didn’t have another option so I agree and she tells me that it will appear in my account within 3-5 business days. It has been 4 and still nothing but we will see. During the call, I ask to speak with a supervisor and she tells me that the supervisor will basically tell me the same thing… The total time for this call was 1 hour.

Then I finally see the charge on my credit card - I see 2 charges. One with the description AIR CANADA totalling $843 and another with description TASF totalling $53. I google TASF and find out this mean travel agent service fee. I am so furious now as they never informed me that this was part of the price they quoted to me!! It is not even detailed in the invoice. I tried calling and the agent tells me that this doesn’t need to be detailed to me, it is part of the total price but I am still not convinced. This is only $53 but the principle of the matter, I was not informed of the details of the charges to my credit card, let alone the absolutely horrible service, I am sure this is in violation of some consumer protection act or travel agents act. Overall absolutely terrible terrible nightmarish experience with FlightNetwork. Not worth the headache and lack of transparency. Embarrassing that this is a Canadian company.

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21. Re: WARNING - Do not book with Flight Network!!!

First and the last time. Booked 3 tickets..Air Canada connecting in Copenhagen to Europe. Every time I called I got different quotes. Allo over the map. I think they agents must work on commision since all price differences. One geve me $100 off each ticket. Second $50....third person right off the back gave me best price that I could not refuse. I asked him why is it so much lower than other quotes I got from the previous agents. He said that he works in the head office some calls are outsourced to India and they mark it up. If you book, ask for Oakville office. Right of the back you will get best price.

Canberra, Australia
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22. Re: WARNING - Do not book with Flight Network!!!

>>Every time I called I got different quotes. <<

And this didn't send you running for the hills or straight to the airline's website?

Have you flown yet? Somehow I doubt this will be the last problem.

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23. Re: WARNING - Do not book with Flight Network!!!

Terrible company! I had a frustrating and stressful experience with them as well. I will never book with Flight Network ever again. I know that companies can make mistakes, but this one does not know how to fix them. I purchase 3 tickets with my credit card and my dad purchased another ticket with his credit card. The same days that I purchased them, I called them to request a name change. I gave them my consent via an email that was sent to me and had the correct confirmation number. Two months later, when I arrive to the airport, I was notified that one of the travelers had two tickers under her name and another one had hers cancelled. I do not understand how someone can even have two tickets booked under the same name for the same flight. And I was never notified that one ticket was cancelled. The company had changed the wrong name and had cancelled a flight by doing so. They said that I had requested the name change, but they changed the wrong name. I called at the airport to try to have one of the tickets changed, since I had two under the same name and they did not want to do it. The airline company could not do it either, but they helped me more than FlightNetwork could have ever done. In the end, I had to pay an extra $1004 and stay at Newark’s airport overnight.

London, United...
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24. Re: WARNING - Do not book with Flight Network!!!

Good - perhaps paying an extra $1004 at the airport which teach you the expensive lesson that you should book direct with the airline where you can see/check/confirm everything before arriving to the airport. Good luck trying to prove it was them that got the wrong name to change. Shame you only went online to complain about them after you'd booked with a third party.

Abu Dhabi, United...
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25. Re: WARNING - Do not book with Flight Network!!!

I agree wholeheartedly!!! DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!

I booked multi-city flights to Australia using their website (linked through sky scanner). I was able to almost immediately go directly to the etihad site and see my seats and book my gluten free meal.

However, I then received an email from a different address requesting additional/repeated banking information for their security checks. I believed this email to be fraudulent as it was so poorly worded and phrased, was requesting things that I do not even have access to - an SMS from my bank?!? - and all within 24 hours or they would cancel my tickets. I chose to ignore the email, but then, just this evening - a little over 48 hours of booking - and paying for - the flights, I receive an email saying that as I didn't send the extra information as requested by flights had been cancelled. And because I'd paid by debit card had to contact my bank to get the money back... My bank do not like this. They have frozen the money and won't give me it for 30 days unless I can provide a letter from the company...

Their online chat is useless...the customer service representative disconnected the chat twice before it was any where near completed and then that option disappeared altogether from their webpage.

I am now sending them multiple emails and my husband and I are both spreading the word on social media...meanwhile I'm 16,000aed out of pocket and can't rebook my flights with a reputable company...

So cross and very, very disappointed, frustrated and upset.

Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!

Wales, United...
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26. Re: WARNING - Do not book with Flight Network!!!

good luck with your campaign to spread the word Caroline. All the evidence suggests that you won't have very much effect in the grand scheme of things, if you have any effect at all. The word has, after all, been spread for several years now, but you still decided to use them.

London, United...
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27. Re: WARNING - Do not book with Flight Network!!!

Caroline you refused to go through compliance and are blaming the company......

Glossop, United...
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28. Re: WARNING - Do not book with Flight Network!!!

>>I chose to ignore the email,<<

So, you made a choice & don't want to live with the consequences? Maybe, with the benefit of hindsight, it was a bad choice?

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29. Re: WARNING - Do not book with Flight Network!!!

I'm also done with Flight Network. After giving them multiple chances to make things right, they continue to make 'mistakes.' I was intrigued by the Price Drop Protection idea, but here's how it works. If you do get awarded the PDP dollars, for which you'll have to talk to an agent because the website won't grant them to you even though it says it will. When you do get them they are awarded to the person whose name is on the ticket, so if they don't have a FlightNetwork account (and why would you have multiple accounts for families travelling together?) you don't get their money. Then when awarded it wasn't even the correct amount. Then when I tried to apply it to a booking it have me a 'website is having difficulties' error and it wouldn't work. What a scam.

Also, turn off cookies when searching for travel. Tickets will continue to increase in price and become more scarce the more you search for the same flight/hotel. The easiest way to do this is to search incognito or in-private mode.

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30. Re: WARNING - Do not book with Flight Network!!!

<<Also, turn off cookies when searching for travel. Tickets will continue to increase in price and become more scarce the more you search for the same flight/hotel. >>

Ahh, the good old cookie monster myth.

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