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Hotel Threatening to Sue Me for a Bad Review

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Hotel Threatening to Sue Me for a Bad Review

How do I contact Tripadvisor? I posted a review for a hotel that lied to me and changed rates after I booked a room. I canceled the room and posted a review (approved by Tripadvisor) clearly stating my experience and that I had not stayed at the hotel. I have a clear email chain with the hotel documenting everything.

It seems to me that Tripadvisor should help users out when owners threaten to sue over reviews. Please advise.

Thank you.

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1. Re: Hotel Threatening to Sue Me for a Bad Review

What could they sue you for if you told the truth? There seems to be too much of this bully boy tactics from hotels that don't like reviews that have been posted. If you clearly stated you did not stay there, but told of your experience, then so long as that is a truthful account, and from what you say you can evidence it as well, then as far as I can see, you have nothing to worry about.

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2. Re: Hotel Threatening to Sue Me for a Bad Review

Hi JosephJFK;

First, TripAdvisor does not offer one-on-one telephone or email support.

Second, TripAdvisor is not in a position to offer legal advice or support. The comments in your review are your subjective opinion of the property.

Your "approved by Tripadvisor" review was approved only on the basis that it met the guidelines for posting a review, not on the content of the review itself.

Respectfully, IMO, many less than scrupulous managers and owners have resorted to scare tactics to have less than favourable reviews removed by the writer (you). That is because TripAdvisor will not delete a review, if disputed by the hotel, just because it is negative in tone.

Best Regards

Edited: 23 January 2011, 11:14
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3. Re: Hotel Threatening to Sue Me for a Bad Review


You may want to read this page from the Help Center, and use the Contact Us link to report this threat.



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4. Re: Hotel Threatening to Sue Me for a Bad Review

Your comments of Hotel Noemi are the most believeable of the first 2 pages of reviews. They are all first posts and several of them joined on the same day never to be seen again.

I wonder why the owner took time to threaten you but did not take time to reply and thank folks for their good reviews?

They have absolutely no claim against you! The hotel is trying to put fear into you. Stand your ground.

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5. Re: Hotel Threatening to Sue Me for a Bad Review

I see that the hotel hasn't submitted a management response to your review. Like others have said, there's no need to be concerned about getting sued by the hotel.

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6. Re: Hotel Threatening to Sue Me for a Bad Review

keep your mails and don't worry.



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7. Re: Hotel Threatening to Sue Me for a Bad Review

Not only are there lots of recent five star reviews by one-time posters on the first few pages of reviews, as noticed in post 4, but on later pages there are also lots of five star reviews by Italian and French one-time posters.

A little surprising, perhaps, considering some of the reviews by posters who have reviewed several hotels?

Isn't it time tripadvisor excluded one-time posters from the calculation of star ratings?

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8. Re: Hotel Threatening to Sue Me for a Bad Review

If you retract your review they win. I saw the review it could not be more clear. You did not, as others do, elaborate other negitives about your experiance. They are bluffing hold your ground.

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9. Re: Hotel Threatening to Sue Me for a Bad Review

I have a question to those who frequently bring up the "one post, one review, recently joined" scenario.

If TA users should discount all the raving positive reviews by this type of member, how much skepticism should be given to the exact same type of member who posts a very negative review and then disappears into the ethos never to be heard from again?

Just wondering because it seems most establishments with a healthy mix of positives and negatives get their fair share from this type member.

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10. Re: Hotel Threatening to Sue Me for a Bad Review

Forward their threat to userreviewsupport@tripadvisor.com with a note included that you are concerned about this tactic.

While TA may not offer you legal advice , in many cases they will send a sternly worded warning to the hotel to stop bullying posters - and could add a red "warning label" to the hotel's review site warning that they have evidence that the hotel attempts to manipulate reviews. That would certainly serve them right for their heavy handed tactics- which are baloney , if you ask me... They have a department at TA called 'Fraud and Integrity " that is tasked with dealing with bullying . and threats.