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Which kind of fitness level is required for EBC

Seoul, South Korea
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Which kind of fitness level is required for EBC

I don't execise. The longest hiking I did was 4 day Torres del Paine W-trek and 2 day FitzRoy trek 2 years ago. Can I take a 16 day EBC trek?

One guy wants to join us. He is 53. Is he too old for this trip? Thanks.

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21. Re: Which kind of fitness level is required for EBC

To anyone contemplating trekking to Everest Base Camp.

Get in a half way decent shape!!!

Get your blood pressure under good control (for 64YO geezers like me).

Go to the Gym and get to the point that you can climb 100 flights of stairs (on the StairMaster) in 1 hour.

Buy a set of Trekking Poles with additional rubber tips.

Not only do you need to be able to go up the hills, you need to practice going down as well. Go to a College Football or Soccer field and while using your trekking poles with the rubber tips, practice going down and up the bleachers.

I went there for my 60th birthday and going up was no problem (StairMaster) but I had not practiced going down, and the downhills got my knees really sore the first few days. Realize that you go up one side of a ridge, cross over, then down the other side, cross a river and repeat. While you ascend 10,000 feet to get from Lukla to Base Camp, you probably do it by going up 25,000 feet and going down 15,000 feet (rough guess).

Bottom line: Get in shape, Get out your trekking poles as soon as you get off the plane in Lukla. Have extra days in the trip in case of sore feet, tired knees, bad weather, sour stomach, or minor altitude sickness.

And above all, enjoy some of the the most breathtaking views in the world and wonderful friendly people.

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22. Re: Which kind of fitness level is required for EBC

You're never too old! Most people do lots of exercise but forget about their lungs. So exercise for your lungs which means yoga is good as you learn diaphragmatic breathing (very helpful when you want to sleep at night), check out the rest step way of walking, find some steep hills and learn to walk up them non-stop based on your lungs leading the speed, focus on breathing in a pattern with your legs if that makes sense. So maybe change the in or out breath when our right foot hits the ground. Go swimming as the water adds pressure to your chest and if you swim as fast as you can your lungs get a bit stronger, also underwater swimming is very good for your lungs. Eat red blood cell producing foods for a month before you go, find a hill and walk up as fast as you can and walk back down and do it again. Enjoy your trip and remember to go at your speed not anyone elses.

san francisco
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23. Re: Which kind of fitness level is required for EBC

Been twice (mid 50's) ---- I was overweight 240 Lb (at the start); 220 Lb at the end, but in reasonable walking shape (20 miles of walking a day in San Francisco which has lots of steep hills).

I agree with everyone about the breathing and the poles --- you must have poles to protect your knees on the downhills. The first trip I was fortunate to have had an assignment in Colorado for the six weeks before I left for KTM. The elevation (7000 feet) got me acclimated before leaving. If possible, try to arrange an extra "rest" day in Namche. I hired my own guide (Kami Sherpa) out of Ghat so that I could tailor the trek to my own personal strengths and weaknesses.

Hope that helps

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24. Re: Which kind of fitness level is required for EBC

really like your encouraging comments. i'm 63 with controlled hypertension. do a bit of walking in the Lake District, Cumbria. going to buy our pacer poles next week and going to Nepal in March! we are finding it confusing getting insurance cover sorted as our guide says we need helicopter rescue cover and i need my pre-existing blood pressure covered. how did you get on about insurance? does anyone have any uk insurance cover to suggest?

any advice gratefully received....cheers

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25. Re: Which kind of fitness level is required for EBC


Helicopter evacuation is essential for EBC. Also check any altitude limits (EBC is about 5350m) and other trekking conditions such only covering trekkers on an organised groups

True Traveller might meet your needs:



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