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Food - Sanctuary Grand Memories

Roseneath, Canada
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Food - Sanctuary Grand Memories

Hi all, me again ;)

My daughter does have a bit of a sensitive stomach, but to my frustration, friends and co-workers have told her some horror stories. First off, I'd like to point out that they have all said, they have never paid more than $700 and usually between $500 - $600 for a week. Personally, I tend to think that could be why they've all had problems.They have said, they have gotten sick every time. Their advice is at any given time.....Don't eat the meat/fruit/vegetables/seafood. The hot dogs are fine. They have told her the pork still has hair in it from the pigs. I do understand her concerns, but her plan is literally living off hotdogs, granola bars, peanut butter and crackers. Can anybody, please share info/experiences that will sooth her concerns.

Thank you so much

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1. Re: Food - Sanctuary Grand Memories

Probably the reason they got sick is because they eat to many hot dogs .

Just came back this week after my 10th visit to Cuba and I eat all the food they told your daughter to stay away and never got sick and same thing can be said for my wife but I also pay more then the prices her friends are talking about as you get what you paid for ...

Consett, United...
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2. Re: Food - Sanctuary Grand Memories

Hot dog advice lol

Roseneath, Canada
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3. Re: Food - Sanctuary Grand Memories

I was really hoping for more feedback to refute her concerns. Thanks gat0

Calgary, Canada
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4. Re: Food - Sanctuary Grand Memories

Alix, I'm sorry I can't give you any specific advice about this hotel. But one thing I can say is that eating the hot dogs is NOT a good strategy. On our first trip, my wife had a hot dog the night we arrived. The next day she was sick. I had a ham and cheese sandwich, and I was fine.

A couple of days into our trip, I had a hot dog at lunch time. The next day I was sick.

We have eaten a wide variety of food on other trips, and it hasn't made us sick. As to the hair on the pork, once in a while the pig skin does have a bit of hair on it. That happens sometimes. If you don't eat the skin, it should be nothing to worry about. We happen to think that the skin is one of the best parts of the pork, so we just eat around the hair.

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5. Re: Food - Sanctuary Grand Memories

I don’t care for the hot dogs so that strategy wouldn’t work for me. I get along fine eating what I would eat at home. Don’t go crazy eating large amounts of fruit, it can have a laxative effect. Bread and potato or even pasta is good at settling a dodgy stomach.

London, Canada
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6. Re: Food - Sanctuary Grand Memories

I eat very plain, only had a problem once, had cook to order chicken, I never have cook to order anything ever again. Usually stick to fish, a little pasta, tomatoes, cucumbers, bread, and of course ice cream.

Port Coquitlam
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7. Re: Food - Sanctuary Grand Memories

Oh that is too funny! If your daughter is going to the Sanctuary have no fear... I've been there twice in the past year and can vouch for the food. To be honest I suspect that most of the people who get sick on the food in Cuba are actually sick from too much sun and booze. The hair on the pork is probably from the pork rinds that are often made on 'Cuban Day' in hotels. They can be quite tasty but yes... often have hair on them. Just don't eat those ones! Anyway pack up some Immodium and Pepto just in case.. I always bring it but rarely use it, however I've been a guardian angel to many who have forgotten it! Tell her to wear a hat, sunscreen, and drink a big glass of water for every 'drink' and she should be fine! And to EAT! Not hotdogs! All that stuff she was warned about are the best things to eat (well except for the veggies... I have no idea why but Cubans can't seem to cook them worth beans) :)

Orillia, Canada
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8. Re: Food - Sanctuary Grand Memories

I've never had an issue with the food in Cuba other than some resorts didn't have the variety I was looking for . I agree that it is usually too much sun and booze that makes people sick. I see some people there with their Kraft peanut butter and Heinz ketchup i the travel totes and just shake my head. Of course the food will be different and you do need to keep an open mind. I was advised to take a probiotic ( preferably daily ) but at least 2 weeks before I go away . All the foods that you were told to stay away from is what I eat . Who wants to eat hot dogs anywhere ? I guess if you are picky you can eat fries and pizza too but dont go in worrying

Winnipeg, Canada
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9. Re: Food - Sanctuary Grand Memories

I have not been to Grand Memories Sanctuary, but I have been to Memories Varadero (3) times. I have never been sick from the food, I like to stick to food that is cooked in front of me. Food like pork, chicken, fish and other seafood, are very good, beef not so good. I know that this not the resort you asked about, but it is a sister resort. I hope this helps.

Regina, Canada
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10. Re: Food - Sanctuary Grand Memories

No advice for that specific resort but I work in public health and do communicable disease follow ups and let me tell you - you can get sick anywhere, even from your own cooking. Here few tips that may help avoid illness in general when away:

- take probiotics like PP said; start at least two weeks before travel and take daily

- wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before you eat (after you handle buffet tongs, touch doors, etc) since sometimes it’s people and not food that may spread illness

- when choosing food at the buffet ensure cooked food is hot since lukewarm food can grow bacteria

- only drink bottled water (I also brush my teeth with bottled water but that’s my preference)

Some people will do more and not eat any raw vegetables or cut fruit but I personally don’t do this.

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