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Varadero, Cuba Weather in Nov/Dec

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Varadero, Cuba Weather in Nov/Dec

Can't decide between Cuba or Dominican. Planning a vacation last week of November/early December.

I've heard the weather in Cuba is very similar to Florida that time of year, which is warm, but not hot... Anyone been there in Nov/Dec or have an opinion? What would the weather be comparable to Dominican? Is it still swimming / sun tan weather? Thanks :)

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1. Re: Varadero, Cuba Weather in Nov/Dec

Its great hot and sunny , some rain but not allways , I think its the best time of the year , just do a Search in this forum ( @ the top ) and that should help with your question


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2. Re: Varadero, Cuba Weather in Nov/Dec

I was in Cuba last Nov and the temp hit mid 80's f of 28 Celcius everyday and we never had a cloud in the sky... weather was fantastic we are going back again this nov hoping for the same weather

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3. Re: Varadero, Cuba Weather in Nov/Dec

November you should be fine, I wouldn't go later than the first week of December. Over the past 3 years it's been very cold and pretty wet from approx Dec 10th onward - from my own travels to Varadero and that of my family and friends. I was in Varadero Dec 2-9, 2009 and the last 2 days were starting to get chilly, friends of mine who arrived on the plane that took us home had a week of crummy weather and it seemed to stay on the coolish side right through February. When I say chilly I'm talking 12-16 degress C which in my opinion is too cold to swim. My local friends actually asked me to bring them some warm blankets and flannel pj's when I visited a few weeks ago, so the weather has changed over the years! If you are going later in December, Holguin is a better bet than Varadero, much further south. Hurricanes are done by then so that's not a worry anywhere in Cuba.

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4. Re: Varadero, Cuba Weather in Nov/Dec

Agree with the last post. End December through February can be cold. Please remember they have no heating so when it is cold you know it. We are returning in 5 weeks and I am taking friends in Cuba hot water bottles and other winter items as asked for. We were there last January and it was very cold but some people were still on the beach (wrapped in blankets).

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5. Re: Varadero, Cuba Weather in Nov/Dec

Thanks for all the opinions / posts. I know that there is no way to know for sure how hot or cold it will be... I was just looking for some guidance, which I got. So thank you all. If I don't go to Cuba in Nov/Dec like I want to, I will be sure to go in March or April. Thanks again!

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6. Re: Varadero, Cuba Weather in Nov/Dec

We were there last year end of Nov-beg of December. The weather was great, very hot and humid, no rain or clouds. The days are shorter through and the sun goes down by 6pm. Also, the sun is farther, so we didn't get overly tanned as we hoped to.

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7. Re: Varadero, Cuba Weather in Nov/Dec

I had checked on the history of the weather in Cuba for december and january and it gives temps of 24 degrees as the average , so is this incorrect? If so I may be cancelling



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8. Re: Varadero, Cuba Weather in Nov/Dec


My girlfriend and I are looking to book cuba for around the 15th november 2011 and was just wondering what the weather was like at this time in 2010??

We both like it hot so just want to make sure that is is definitely sun bathing weather as thats all we plan on doing really!!!



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9. Re: Varadero, Cuba Weather in Nov/Dec

Hi butterfly.

Our group of 10 was in varadero Nov 25 to Dec 9 - 2010. the weather was ok. approx +28. the last 4 days was cool.

Back in 2009 we went and the temp was anywhere +30 to +38 the day we went on jeep tour. I feel it's like any other country a hit n miss.

We didnt care if it was a little cool last year, still enjoyed our 2 weeks.

Hope you don't cancel because of the weather, Cuba is a wonderful place to explore and enjoy the culture.

Take a sweater and enjoy.


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10. Re: Varadero, Cuba Weather in Nov/Dec

We stayed in Varadero in Nov 09, from 14th til 29th, the weather was great, we had one afternoon /evening when the heavens opened.....but the rest of the time lovely. It clouded over a couple of times but not for long, I myself though did find it chilly in the evenings, but I think thats just me. :-)