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PCMike's Final Entry for 2008

Punta Cana...
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PCMike's Final Entry for 2008

I am sitting alone here at the fabled Corner Bar and the fact that another year is behind me, is sinking in. The Boehimia is as cold as I can remember...the company...sparse but in good humour...par for the course, given that this is early NYE.

Carmen is at work for a few more hours, thus I find myself here enjoying "Mike's Night"...although it is daytime...a slight deveation from the normal Monday night antics.

This year...as is the case with all of my years, has brought on new challenges and the rewards and penalties that come with them. As hard as I try, not everyone is pleased with my efforts, nor do they understand that I am simply a small piece of the tourism puzzle...but one many have come to depend on.

To those who i have fallen short with...my apologies, but please keep in mind, my influence over those above me....I cannot win every battle on behalf of the guest.

For those who have doubted my sincerity over the past few years...may your life continue to be full of dissapointment simply due to the fact that you expect too much of others and not enough of yourself...I will not loose any sleep.

For the hundreds....no...thousands of people I have had the opporunity to assist or meet...your positive nature will see you through all the hardships life will throw your way. Life is nobody's fault...it is a wave...highs and lows....you have choosen to be a cork...following the lows...knowing that the future is on the rise...followed by a decline...such is life.

I find New Years Eve to be a day of recollection. I have no regrets for decisions made nor the impending results of those decisions. For the second time in my life, I have been involved with the opening of an unknown property. Both have been a rewarding challenge as I have been able to work with 2 teams that don't give up....they know that all will not be grand on day one...probably not on day 100...but if you give up...you stop moving forward.

I have at my senior age (as Carmen reminds me...almost 50), made the conscious effort to start my family. This will indeed bring new challenges into my life...challenges I welcome.

I could ramble on and on...as I often do, but I can't help but thinking of the thousands of people i see...simply...living thier lives.

It is not so hard to do something that makes you happy. In a wrold of "what I own"...instead of "what have I done", it is easy to feel that possessions are what make the difference...but think...do we admire people who "do"...or people who "own"?

History shows that those most respected are those who "DO".

If this is to be my last post, let it be known that I would not regret the path "I HAVE CHOOSEN" to take.

As I wrote on my boat, one rough and unforgiving day at sea....

"dream your desires...then desire your dreams...the things you want most...are closer than they seem".

To all in all those around the world, many of which have already celebrated the beginning of the New Year...never forget that dreams only come true if you want them to...don't be afraid to dream and don't let others stand in your way!

A final 2008 Cheers from the Beach

PuntaCana Mike

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1. Re: PCMike's Final Entry for 2008

Happy New Years Mike! You are very much appreciated by this traveler. Have a cold one for me!

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2. Re: PCMike's Final Entry for 2008

Mike a very happy New Year to you as well. Your words are very close to home with me as I think of days gone by when my children were all under one roof and now although missing them and also proud that they are making a mark in this world. As we speak my oldest son is on a Safari in Africa, so I embrace being happy for him instead of being unhappy because he is not with us over this holiday season. Randy and I have been blessed with a good life great children and many friends. We extend our hand to the less fortunate in the Dominican Republic as well as at home. Giving is much more of a reward than recieving.With that said your giving of help to us last year helping us donate our good to the children of the DR was very rewarding. May you and Carmen have many years of happiness and it will only be enriched by the bundle of joy you will receive in a few months.

Happy New Year

2009 will be your year..

Randy and Jeanette

Baltimore, Maryland
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3. Re: PCMike's Final Entry for 2008

Cheers and Happy New Years Mike!

May 2009 be filled with much love and Happiness for you, Carmen and your baby and all of those that you hold near and dear...

All the best!


Winnipeg, Canada
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4. Re: PCMike's Final Entry for 2008

Once again Mike....

May all your dreams continue to come true and happy sailing through 2009.

Happiness, wealth (however you define), health and all the best to you and your families.


Debbie & Tim

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5. Re: PCMike's Final Entry for 2008

Happy New Year Mike & Carmen

This is from Ti-Cats and tigercats (the 2 Rons) who meet you at the Majestic. May life give you and Carmen and soon to be loved one, only the best it has to offer. BTW how did you get so wise Mike? I love reading what you have to say, so maybe next year we can meet again at the Eden.

Happy Traveling


Calgary, Canada
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6. Re: PCMike's Final Entry for 2008

I have not had the pleasure of meeting you (YET) Mike but it is on my To Do List, cause you speak with your sole/feelings and it is quite refreshing. I will go to Steve's Bar or wherever the Meet and Greet happens to be on our next PC Vacation just to set eyes on the personable PCMike (and meeting the other character-MikeFisher would be a good thing too). Happy New Year To Each and Everyone of You - Kindest regards, Leigh P.S. See Deb I can be a rambler here too-lol

Calgary, Canada
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7. Re: PCMike's Final Entry for 2008

K - too bad I can't spell - soul (not sole for Heaven's sake)

North Truro...
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8. Re: PCMike's Final Entry for 2008

Happy New Year Mike! and thanks for all you do for everyone! This will be the best year yet with more love and joy than you can even imagine! The best is yet to come.....

And Happy New Year to BB, DRAddict, and my wonderful friends who I will meet one day...Deck and Deb....love you guys!



Halifax, Canada
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9. Re: PCMike's Final Entry for 2008

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I wish you all peace and happiness, cold drinks and sunshine in your souls........


Niagara Falls
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10. Re: PCMike's Final Entry for 2008

As life has brought many wisdoms, you will find being a parent you will need that wisdom. I wish to congratulate you on your upcoming arrival.

There have been no other things in my life that have made cry, laugh or just say wow in watching them live their lives.

Oh how life will be ever amazing in the days to come for you.

Do you know what colours yet? Or is there anything that is needed. Please let us know. It would be , my pleasure.