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Punta Cana Safer than Mexico???

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Ontario, Canada
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Punta Cana Safer than Mexico???

Would like to know how people feel about this. Not sure if I should let my daughters go with their dad, feeling very uncomforable about it.

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41. Re: Punta Cana Safer than Mexico???

I haven't been to Punta Cana, but I would pretty much assume that travellers to AI resorts at BOTH places are pretty safe. How many travellers to Punta Cana really travel off the resort to the cities where locals live? Usually that is where the violence takes place.

I walk the streets of Playa at night all the time. And feel completely safe. Safer than in the United States, where we have murders and drug cartels as well. I am heading to Punta Cana in January. If the drug cartels push their influence then Punta Cana won't be excluded either.


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Alberta Canada
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42. Re: Punta Cana Safer than Mexico???

we have been to both Mexico and to the DR and in my opinion the safest is Cuba.

In Mexico we felt safe during the day taking the bus around the cities but at night we felt better sticking close to the resort. In the DR we only felt safe while in a group.

In Cuba we went everywhere day or night and never felt threatened. never felt unsafe at all and there are no timeshare sharks or peddlers.

Our kids prefered Cuba to Mexico or the DR

depends on the ages of your kids, if teenagers more worries than if little kids as teens will want to explore more.

As a Mother I say go with your instincts, do your homework and work out a vacation everyone will have a blast at.

London UK
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43. Re: Punta Cana Safer than Mexico???

I think you are pretty safe in any of the Caribbean areas if you stick to the Tourist Places and use your common sense.

Most package Tourists don't generally go off on their own steam anyway but we have often used the local buses in the DR and Mexico.

Public Transport is almost non-existent in Cuba and Americans can't go there anyway - at least not direct. I agree about it being safe though.

At least for now the Drug Wars in Mexico are away from the Tourist areas so I would not be put off going there unless it escalated, but I doubt I would do any travelling outside the tourist areas alone.

Punta Cana has no Town and is an almost total resort area.


Northwest Ohio
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44. Re: Punta Cana Safer than Mexico???

Ditto and amen! I got flamed on the Cancun forum for saying exactly that, and we have been going there since '86!

Jamestown, New York
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45. Re: Punta Cana Safer than Mexico???

There is really 2 separate discussions going on here.

#1 Is it safe to go to an Ai in Mexico or Dominican republic.

#2 Is Mexico safer than the Dominican Republic.

Allow me to pemise my assumption. I have lived in the Dominican republic for approximately 2 years (and extended stays on top of that. I Also lived in Mexico when I was MUCh younger for about 6 months.

About a month ago a bus load of 20 tourists was hijacked near Acupulco. Earlier this week they found them dead in a mass grave.

Every tourist murder I have heard of in the D.R. has been because the tourist was totally out of his element: enjoying the seedier side of sex tourism. I have also heard of a few murders that were one ex-pat killing another ex-pat.

I have been in barrios in Puerto Plata, Santiago and Santo Domingo and have never been threatened in any way. I lived in the Campo (country) for about 6 months and felt no threat. When I was in Mexico as a young studdly man I felt threatened every day. My personal opinion is that by nature Dominicans are not violent.... Mexicans are.

As to #1. You will be safe at an A.I. whether it be Punta Cana, Cancun etc, but my gut feeling is that if you leave the resort in the Dominican Republic you will be safe. If you leave the resort in Mexico you need to accept the possibility of hostility.

I live in a small (30,00 people) town in rural NY and there are many places I will not venture into in the daytime. I have never been afraid to venture into a barrio in Puerto Plata but if I ever (doubtfully) ever travel again to Mexico it will be within the confines of a white washed All Inclusive.

Grand Falls...
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46. Re: Punta Cana Safer than Mexico???

My friends and I were thinking about Punta Cana this year but with all the people dieing from Cholera in Haiti we are feeling a little worried about it. Such a small area, maybe a little to close for comfort. Anyone think we are worrying unnesessarily. Comments welcomed. And to the worried mom, I spent a week in Mexico last year and felt very safe. We were in the Riviera Maya area and we would hop on the mini bus and go into Playa Del Carman or to the Tulum Ruins and had no problems. I would not go off the resort at night however, not in Cuba, Mexico or Dominican.

La Ronge, Canada
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47. Re: Punta Cana Safer than Mexico???

Mac7778 - I can't comment on the thread topic because I have not been to Mexico... however, I can tell you that because you're from Canada, you can prevent Cholera and other "travellers illnesses" by taking the Dukoral vaccine. This is from Health Canada's website:

Dukoral Vaccine:

This medication belongs to the class of medications called vaccines. It is used to help prevent travellers' diarrhea caused by enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC) and cholera in adults and children 2 years of age and older. It is recommended for people travelling to areas with a high risk of cholera or travellers' diarrhea.

Hope that sets your mind at ease as far as Cholera is concerned.

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48. Re: Punta Cana Safer than Mexico???

Momluvstorun, why do you claim I said Cancun is safer than PC? Did you actually read my post?

I said that there had recently been reports of kidnappings, murders, and corruption cases at the highest local level in Cancun, but nothing like that to report from PC. I said it was all peace and quiet in PC, and I even literally said "when it comes to safety, PC beats Cancun a million times". How much clearer can it be that I think PC is safer than Cancun?

Before replying to people's posts, please read them thoroughly and then respond to what they actually said. That's the only way we can all have an intelligent and civilized conversation.

Cozumel, Mexico
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49. Re: Punta Cana Safer than Mexico???

It is so sad to live your life in fear and worry about danger. The world is a different place than it used to be, I moved to Cozumel because of the safety. I live and work in a Joe six pack Neighborhood and we all keep our doors open at night and do not have to look over your shoulder. No Gun shops, nor crimes against Tourists. Maybe a little pick pocket here and there. But that's everywhere. It is really sad that the media has brainwashed almost everyone in to thinking that we have tires burning in the streets and killings daily. That is so far from the truth. But be that as it may. People get warned not to go to the Mayan Riviera from people who have never been. How smart is that? Get the facts and make your decision. Here is part of an article from an AOL.


Fear Factor: 5

Cancun is one of Mexico's most popular beach resorts, which average around four million American visitors per year. Last year a retired Mexican general investigating corruption was assassinated by drug traffickers, but that's been an isolated event. Over-consumption of alcohol by younger tourists is a problem, and there have been rapes. But on the whole, Cancun is extremely safe. "The leading cause of foreign tourist deaths in Cancun is heart attacks, car accidents and accidental drowning," says Canadian writer Marlo-Renay Heresco, a Cancun resident who blogs about her life in Mexico on her website, atravelartist.com. "The key to success when traveling or living abroad is exercising common sense." The Riviera Maya (the Yucatan coast stretching south from Cancun) has little to fear beyond sunburn. The island of Cozumel off the Riviera Maya is a popular, very safe destination for cruise ships, where problems are the occasional purse-snatching or picked pocket.

London UK
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50. Re: Punta Cana Safer than Mexico???

I think you will be safe in the Tourist areas as they will try and keep any trouble from them because Governments need revenue from Tourists.

I personally would not travel around Mexico as say a backpacker or driver given the current situation though, but I would also say that about most South American or Third World Countries.

The Cholera outbreak is in Haiti which is hundreds of miles away from PC and is a different Country. Cholera outbreaks are usually confined to the areas of the outbreak.

As no one on this thread is going to Haiti then that it is not a problem for them.


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