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Anti-Malaria & Cipro

Torrington, CT
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Anti-Malaria & Cipro

Those who are taking the anti-malaria drugs, were you also given Cirpo (anti-biotic) to take.

Our Dr. gave us both. However, with Cirpo you cannot drink of go in the sun, so why bother going on the trip ???

Plus the side effects of Cipro can be nasty !

Hamilton, ON
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1. Re: Anti-Malaria & Cipro

It would be best to clarify your doctor' instructions. Usually Cipro is prescribed as a "just in case" medication. Meaning that you don't take it unless you come down with a nasty bout of diarrhea. I have had it presribed for two previous trips, but came home with the prescription unopened. The advice is usually to not take immodium without the cipro if you have bad diarrhea, since the immodium paralyses the bowel but doesn't clear up the infection. Immodium works great on minor or moderate problems, but if you have a case of real food poisoning, you need the antibiotics as well.

montreal, quebec...
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2. Re: Anti-Malaria & Cipro

I'm agree..Cipro "just in case" of diarrhea with fever and/or blood in stools. So, if this arrives, you'll not want to drink alcohol and take a lot of sun!!;-(

Like i respond you, in Secrets forum, Chloroquine(anti-malaria) have to be take at least one week before quit your country.

You would have your hepatitis A shot too (at least 2 week before to go).

If you have imodium and peptobismol with you, it's a good idea, but parentof2 is right...so they must be use for mild or moderate diarrhea (no blood or a big fever).

Sorry for my english...it isn't my maternal language...