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Grand Cayman vs Turks and Caicos

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Grand Cayman vs Turks and Caicos

I'm interested in feedback comparing Grand Cayman vs Turks and Caicos regarding:

-weather in Novemeber

-beach walking-Grace Bay/7 mile beach

-proximity to restaurants (walking distance?)

-entertainment- live music (walking distance?)

-affordability and quality of 1 bedroom condo rentals


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1. Re: Grand Cayman vs Turks and Caicos

This might help you get started


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2. Re: Grand Cayman vs Turks and Caicos

The comparison between the two has come up several times, so do a search of the Grand Cayman forum (not just the Seven Mile Beach forum) to see posts that are in addition to the ones kiddos directed you to.

Weather can vary from one November to another so unless someone has been to both locations in the same month, same year, it's hard to compare. We have been to both in November (not same year) and had good weather in each location, although during our trip in 2010 to TCI, we had high surf for several days. TCI is a bit further north so you could experience temps a few degrees cooler than GC. Also remember that the hurricane season extends thru November so all bets are off in either location if it is an active hurricane season.

The walk-ability to restaurants and entertainment will depend where you are located in either Grace Bay or SMB. Affordability will largely depend on what your budget is. Quality can be difficult to judge sometimes as people often have different standards for what makes up a quality accommodation. I suggest you do some research on prices and amenities for units both in GC and TCI ; read the reviews of ones in each location here on TA; and then come back with questions about particular complexes. It's hard for people to provide input with such a general request. Also post specific question on the TCI forum.

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3. Re: Grand Cayman vs Turks and Caicos

We have been to both.... Turks is more laid back and quiet and not much night life... Grand Cayman has a bit more to do in addition o being more commercial. Both have beautiful clear turquoise water, just a matter of personal taste!

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4. Re: Grand Cayman vs Turks and Caicos

I agree with above poster. You can't go wrong with either! Grand Cayman has more upscale places to dine etc from what we saw. I didn't see any real "hotels" when walking the beach in t&C...only really nice condo complexes. T&C was much easier to drive around. Much less busy. GC definitely caters to cruise ships so you get the good and the bad with that. I thought T&C had prettiest water I have ever seen but GC was the clearest. We happened to be in T&C during a very windy week so that affected my snorkel experiece so I saw tons more in GC. I would go back to either in a heartbeat but I think I slightly preferred GC. I know many others disgree though. You will seriously love either one!

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5. Re: Grand Cayman vs Turks and Caicos

All the above is great info. I've spent time on both and I have to give the edge to Grand Cayman, especially if you are a diver and like eating. heh

GCM has great dive site and restaurant proximity if your staying on the west side. Grace Bay beach is the best beach I have ever seen, so Provo has it on that. 7mb is no slouch, though.

I just found that the better diving in Provo required a longer boat ride and the restaurants were a longer drive. Also, even though GC is always working on something, Provo's development really got in the way.

You cant go wrong with either, but my vote goes to GCM. Good luck.

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6. Re: Grand Cayman vs Turks and Caicos

Amen, nestakai.

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7. Re: Grand Cayman vs Turks and Caicos

Both, in my opinion, are "Practically Perfect in Every Way!"

We've visited both and consider them our top beach destinations. Try one, then try the other and decide if you have a preference would be my advice.

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8. Re: Grand Cayman vs Turks and Caicos

Thanks for all the great feedback. Now I know why it's such a tough decision. Many of you feel the same way! I'll just add that although we enjoyed the distractions in Aruba along Palm Beach, I found it really busy. We're looking for all that Aruba has to offer but on a less congested scale. We enjoy a nice pool to read by, a great walking beach for sure, live entertainment at night, great dinner options as well as a clean, affordable (~$200//night) 1 bedroom accomodation. For anyone who has been to Aruba, we really enjoyed the room at the Divi Phoenix (not super splashy but definately not bare bones either). Having a tough time finding a 1 BR for that price in GC. Any more feedback always welcome!

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9. Re: Grand Cayman vs Turks and Caicos

$200 per night for a "good-better" condo unit on SMB, even during off season is tough. Would you consider a hotel? The Comfort Suites, Sunshine Suites, heck even the Marriot, Westin may have specials around or lower than $200 per night.

Others more familiar with SMB may be able to recommend some condo options though.

You'll find both Provo and GC predominately cater to a slightly different clientele than Aruba. Comes down to the old, you get what you pay for idiom.

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10. Re: Grand Cayman vs Turks and Caicos

We rented a two bedroom condo on seven mile beach at the villas of galleon for only 235 a night in VrBO in off season in August.

So you never know what you can find!!!! It was heaven!

We stayed at aquamarine beach house in Turks And caicos in march and paid much more than that for a two bedroom (almost 350 per night) and although the location was amazing the accoms were less impressive and less modern and less clean.

As everyone says, both places are just gorgeous and you won't go wrong either way!

Have a great time wherever you end up!

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