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Marathon Trip Report...it begins!

Shawnee, Kansas
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for Puerto Vallarta
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Marathon Trip Report...it begins!

To start this off for those who don't know, Iyamscifi2 and I travel together to PV in June, and this is our 3rd year. We met on the forum years ago and got together in PV when our schedules jived. So, we got along so great, that we started this tradition of staying 3 weeks to a month in PV in a condo together...this year a month.

Our husbands are the greatest, they don't mind and wish us fun, then they don't have to be dragged around to every nook and cranny in the heat, but we slow it down for them when we come in December. Last December husbands met for the first time and that was special, they hit if off and I'm sure talked about how much we wear them out lol.

I was here a day ahead of Iyam. My travel day was nerve racking. My plane from Kansas City to Dallas sat on the tarmac in Dallas because there wasn't an available gate. We were early by 30 minutes which I thought was great because I had originally only had 45 minutes to change planes. But we sat on the tarmac eating way into my 45 minutes even, so in the end I had 15 minutes to make an international connection. I ran and prayed!

I got there 2 minutes before take off and they had given away my seat. But, they found me another seat, then the plane was full. They could have turned me away so I was grateful they didn't. Wondered if my luggage would make it though. Then there was a guy in the middle seat, I was against the window, and I won't say anything more about him other than he has a mother that must love him.

Luggage arrived, yea! Got through the airport in fine time, long lines at customs and people were complaining, but it didn't bother me as the line was moving lickity split and I had dodged a bullet with making my second flight.

I had a joyful reunion with my very good long time friend lopo123 and her husband for happy hour and dinner. We just decided to stay at Langostino's for sunset, and had a great meal. Most mentionable was the Shrimp and Pulpo Ceviche appetizer - chopped small, a must for me. A huge serving with sliced avocado on top, and so divine. Cost was $130 pesos and this is enough for a meal. Do watch out for the Shrimp Diablo, it's a lot spicier than they said.

Next morning did some food shopping and a walk about. I had a hard time finding my Mexican brand Lala Yogurt, sorry I don't eat any yogurt except that, and yeah it's got sugar but I only have a dab every morning when in PV. Nobody had it anymore except ...wait for it...of course the market on Amapas.

Went to the beach, and Iyam arrived...and the party begins! Saw JR for Happy Hour and then off to Warique which will be covered in the next report.

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Surrey, Canada
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1. Re: Marathon Trip Report...it begins!

Have fun 😊

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2. Re: Marathon Trip Report...it begins!

"hard time finding my Mexican brand Lala Yogurt"

Mikey's at Los Mercados carries it.

San Francisco...
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for Sacramento, Puerto Vallarta
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3. Re: Marathon Trip Report...it begins!

Here are the rules: No stepping in dog poop this time and no bacterial infections.

Other than that --- the area is your playground.


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4. Re: Marathon Trip Report...it begins!

Following ......

Enjoy your time in PV.

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5. Re: Marathon Trip Report...it begins!

I see it everywhere being sold!!

Nanaimo, Canada
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6. Re: Marathon Trip Report...it begins!

Looking forward to reading about your romp with Iyam.:)

Good to know about the spicy Shrimp Diabol at Langostino's as most place do not make it hot enough for me!

Crystal Beach, Texas
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7. Re: Marathon Trip Report...it begins!

Yeah! You made it through the bad parts without missing a beat so, in the words of Maurice Sendak, "Let the Wild Rumpus Begin"!!! I'm sure you guys could teach MS a whole lot about "Wild Rumpusing". I can't wait to read the Warique episode.👏👏👏👏

Great Neck, NY
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8. Re: Marathon Trip Report...it begins!

I can confirm that the shrimp was spicy, but i thoroughly enjoyed what Kansas couldn't get through - LOL!! I hate to waste good food - LOL!! The service from Eric was wonderful and it was a great night!! And yes, eating the ceviche made me feel healthy & like i was eating healthy!

Kamsas - loved your detailed arrival report! It answered some of the questions i had for you - and Ley's has LaLa yogurt drink all the time - i try to drink one every day. Again, makes me feel like i am eating healthy! Maybe a misconception but whatever! LOL

Poland, Ohio
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9. Re: Marathon Trip Report...it begins!

after being--OH SO healthy at the yoga retreat---it's time to let the games begin!"

it was really great to come back home. arrived earlier than i thought, washed clothes while i unpacked. my buddy left a note that she was out on the beach. i looked out just in time o see her dancing with a vendor on the beach. i hope she's not getting too wild for me.

i was starving so i had the asian salad at daiquari dicks at 120p. they are making it larger now and it was chock-full of chicken. it sure hit the spot.

we met jr at pour favor for drinks and got caught up on our lives.

we headed for wariques--new for us. janet had a shrimp and avocado dish---she can tell you more about that. i only wanted an appetizer. i had steak arracherra tostados 77p. they came in a little cup-like tostado and i gotta tellya i wasn't crazy about them. it came with chimmichurra(sp) sauce which i never tasted before and didn't like. also the cups were full of olive oil. now i'm not tearing warique down---just didn't like what i got. we'll probably go again. maybe my tastebuds were still shocked from eating healthy at the retreat.

there was a magnificent sunset last night and we decided to turn in as i was up so early.

but nothin's ever easy. i go to my room and a gecko goes running across my wall. you guys remember the beetle last year that i had to get on my stomach with a broom to get out from under the bed? now i had to try to get this little guy off my wall. tried with an umbrella---he ran through lattice work into my closet. i wondered if he would be as traumatized as the beetle was last year when he slept with me. he only chirped once. don't know where he went---he's probably in my underwear.

today we got a late start and decided to try la carreta toward the south end of los muertos beach---new to us. i'm glad we did.

the service was excellent---romy(sp) the owner welcomed us. he and carlos took care of us. we simply had a grilled cheese and avocado sandwich with fries and a salad (me)115p and a tuna and avocado sandwich same sides (kansas)125p. really good and beautiful presentation for a beach lunch--green olive toothpicked on 3 layer of bread.

one of my boys chuy works for the parasail outfit by there and it was good to see him working again.

after beach time--we went to our Lady of Guadalupe church for mass and went for hh at bistro teresa. i'm a little careful drinking right now so i asked if kansas and i could split the 2x1 and they said yes. i know you're supposed to drink 2 but i think you should be allowed to get 2x1 and split. they do at cafe vayan. anyway we got lemon drops at 200p for both. they were good.

we sauntered over to vitea for dinner. i'm a person that loves to try different dishes but i can't get off this one. we split a small greek salad--i could make meal out of that small salad--i had the small eggplant ravioli(they added chicken to this from the last 2x that i had it)---kansas had her fav penne carbonara came to $418p. damn it was yummy.

we walked the malecon, talked to peeps, snapped some pix---vallarta is still vallarta. i'm livin the dream.

btw, i forced a doctor to give me rotator cuff surgery 2 days after i saw him on may 1st so that i would be ready for pv--got physical therapy/the works. also told him not to wreck my tattoo as i am not allowed to repair or get another one due to my leukemia-----shoulder is perfect---knee went out. it's hell getting old--one thing gets fixed another thing breaks. so i'm icing it and anti-inflammatorying it.(hence the 1 drink) if i have to--i'll crawl around pv.

that's why there is no antics--i'm draggin a leg. but i'll beat it.

sorry if i bored you/ i'll be short from now on--i promise.

Dallas, Texas
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10. Re: Marathon Trip Report...it begins!

So glad you girls are back in town, as I'll have to live PV through y'all vicariously this year. I haven't ever say anything here, but when friends and I went to Warique last fall, we had a less than stellar experience. My food experience wasn't so great and friends had a service problem. But I'm not here to bash them and would like to try them out again. Everyone else has raved about it so often, I just haven't said anything.

La Carreta is one of my fave places to hang on the beach and Romy and the "boys" have always taken excellent care of us for several years. And food has been consistent and filling. Please tell them Debbie in Dallas will probably not see them this year, but hopefully next.

Looking forward to your updates. Have a wonderful time! As if I thought any chance of that happening.

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