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Sea Lice Update

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Sea Lice Update

This question is for the TAers just back from Cancun,,,Did anyone notice the presence of Sea Lice while swimming in the ocean?

I am leaving for Cancun in 3wks[packing the Safe Sea Lotion,just in case]...I understand that this is the" Peak Season",,for those annoying little creatures,,,just wondering if anyone noticed them while on vacation. Thanks!!

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1. Re: Sea Lice Update

Now I am curious. We will be in the area mid April. Will that still be "sea lice" season? If so, where can I purchase the lotion? Does it get applied similar to sunscreen, before you enter the water - and maybe waterproof or something? Please provide more details.. Thanks!!

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2. Re: Sea Lice Update

Hi Kelfly,

As I understand it,,the sea lice are pretty active starting in mid March,,until??? There have been several really educational and informative threads on this subject,,,

I was able to purchase the Safe Sea lotion on line buysafesea.com...apparently, it is difficult to find in the stores,,

The lotion is supposed to protect you from jellyfish,and sea lice stings,It is available with or without sunscreen,,and is to be applied as you would sunscreen lotion.The lotion was shipped to me with in 3 days,,It is sitting on my empty suitcase,,waiting to be packed!

Have a great trip! Oh,it needs to be applied after 80 min.of swimming,,or activities that cause perspiring,,the bottles are not very large,4oz,,You may want to order extra just in case,,,{I am glad I did,,better safe than sorry} Hope this helps!

El Paso, Texas
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3. Re: Sea Lice Update

My husband ended up with sea lice bites on the inside of his thighs last July. We have been to Cancun every year the past 7 years and never had any issues until last summer. We go on vacation again this year in April, I got the sea safe as well. It almost ruined our trip because my poor hubby was miserable. It lasted over 2 weeks after we got home! 1 in 4 people who spend time in the ocean end up with the welts from the jelly fish larva.

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4. Re: Sea Lice Update

Hi I am from the UK and will be traveling mid April. I have never heard of Sea Lice. Do you get the Safe Sea Lotion from the internet, as I havn't seen anything like that in any Chemist. I will need a bucket load as my husband nearly always gets stung my Jelly Fish.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico
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5. Re: Sea Lice Update

Are they the same little nuisances you get in thailand on the east side when you snorkel? that feels like lil electric shocks?

I've never heard of sea-lice either. Can you buy the lotion in the uk?

Cancun, Mexico
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6. Re: Sea Lice Update

Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico

What is the Thimble Jellyfish?

This marine animal is a small jellyfish resembling a thimble that measures about 1" in diameter and is conspicuosly mottled with dark brown markings. This Jellyfish, together with corals, seaanemones, hydeoids and hydras are included in a group of animals without skeletons named cnidarians. One characteristic of this important group is that they have numerous stinging cells called nematocystswhich act as microscopic syringes to inject toxins when touched.

Along the Mexican Caribbean coast dense aggregations of the THIMBLE JELLYFISH appear everyyear from late January to early June. The Jellyfish occur in 3 swimmming stages as juveniles or ephrae, as adults and as larvae or planulae. They are transported by winds and currents to other areas on the time scale of a few hours to a few days.


Accidental contact with this jellyfish causes a skinrash known as seabathers eruption.

This dermatites is characterized by the acute appearance of small itchy erythmas that may, in some cases, evolve into pustules. This eruption occures predominantly on body areas that are covered by the bathing suit or subjected to pressure or rubbing, such as armpits, neck, groinand inner thighs.In some cases the dermatites includes chills, fever nausea, headache and weakness, particularly in children. Symptoms don not appear untill hours (1 to 24) after leaving the water.Because of this , Seabathers eruption is sometimes confused with viral gastroenterites or varicella (chicken pox). The lesions usually persist from a few days to weeks, after wich they spontaneously heal.


Perons with histories of allergies should avoid swimming in waters infested with Thimble Jellyfish. Swimmers who must risk exposure should avoid the use of T'shirts as they trap the thimble Jellyfish between skin and clothing thus increasing the severity of the reaction. After exposure to seawater, swimmers SHOULD NOT SHOWER WITH FRESH WATER. Fresh water triggers the stinging cells. It is advisable to change out of bathing suit as soon as possible and apply vinegar wich neitralizes the nematocysts that cling to the skin but have not yet released their toxins. Bathing suits should be thouroghly washed with detergent as symptoms may recur if contaminated suits that were poorly washed are re-worn.

Is there Treatment?

When the lesions are minimal the application of creams and lotions to reduce the rash is recommended . The use of antihystamines is often helpful but should not be done without consulting a Physician. In severe cases topical and systemic steroids may be used but always under Medical supervisiopn. IMORTANT,

DO NOT SCRATCH the affected areas because this can lead to skin infections.

New Jersey
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7. Re: Sea Lice Update

Wow! Thanks for the warning. I am ordering some safe sea right now! I hope it really works! Has anyone been stung when they were using the lotion?

Suffolk, UK
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8. Re: Sea Lice Update

Just returned and not had any problem with sea lice but did take safe sea lotion with me just in case. I bought it through one of the outlets on EBAY - cost was aprox 10 pounds and it was delivered by return of post.

Port of Spain...
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9. Re: Sea Lice Update

Where can you buy safe sea in cancun? how much does it cost there?

Baltimore, MD
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10. Re: Sea Lice Update

Getting ready for my first trip to Cancun!! Only 5 weeks left... :)

I bought my Safe Sea from www.drugstore.com, and right now it is on sale for $8.99 USD per bottle. I think the safesea.com site costs just a couple dollars more.