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Recommended Canadian food places

Liverpool, United...
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Recommended Canadian food places

Hi all,

Going to be visiting Canda for two weeks and I wanted to try eating some delicious Canadian Food including local food, any suggestions other than going to Saint Lawrence Market?

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Liverpool, United...
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1. Re: Recommended Canadian food places

Also I forgot to ask which dishes would you recommend to try out?

So far im planning to try Poutine, Butter tarts and Kraft Dinner.

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Liverpool, United...
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2. Re: Recommended Canadian food places

Any ncie desert places where I can pour lots of maple syrup over like waffles or pancakes.

Calgary, Canada
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3. Re: Recommended Canadian food places

Kraft dinner might be Canadian but it is NOT delicious.

Oshawa, Canada
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4. Re: Recommended Canadian food places

Canada being a very multicultural country has no real Canadian food. Being a vast nation tho we have regional delicacies.

From Cod tongue, and Atlantic lobster, to Quebec tortierre pie and poutine, Ontario butter tarts, maple walnut ice cream, Bison burgers, Alberta beef. Saskatoon pie, and British Columbia’s pacific Salmon, peaches and Nanaimo bars.

Not all of these are available everywhere.

Waffles and pancakes are not dessert foods, they are breakfast. Most restaurants won’t have real maple syrup, it’s expensive so you’ll get the imitation stuff.

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Penticton, Canada
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5. Re: Recommended Canadian food places

KD is for kids that like yukky stuff and Poutine is if you like salty cholesterol building food.

Butter tarts is if you have a sweet tooth and a Nanaimo bar even better and sweeter. TimBits which are doughnut holes only available at Tim Hortons is good anytime one has a craving for something sweet and I dare you to only eat one (-:

Bison if you have not tried it; it is a very lean meat.

Swiss Chalet for a chicken meal with Canada only dipping sauce or St Hubert if going to Ottawa (none in southern Ontario)


Montreal Smoked meat sandwich with rye bread and mustard

and Ketchup on fries and using French's is making a statement that we support jobs in Ontario rather then in US as Heinz had closed down the factory for nothing but greed.

Toronto, Canada
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6. Re: Recommended Canadian food places

Try local fish if you can :) walleye (pickerel) from Ontario is amazing.

Toronto, Canada
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7. Re: Recommended Canadian food places

Pouring maple syrup over waffles or pancakes is done at breakfast, not at dessert places.

Kraft Dinner isn't Canadian. It's just the Canadian name for cheap macaroni and cheese mix you can find anywhere. The only place you'll find it on a restaurant menu is the children's menu maybe, or some ludicrous hipster ish place that will charge you twenty bucks for it. Either way, don't worry about it.

Toronto, Canada
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8. Re: Recommended Canadian food places

Bannock restaurant on Queen Street has a kitschy Canadian menu.

<edit>. I see that the address is on Bay Street...it's on the corner of Queen and Bay.

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Paradise, Canada
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9. Re: Recommended Canadian food places

Try Sunset Grill for waffles or pancakes. They serve real maple syrup as a add on (you have to order it).


Ontario, Canada
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10. Re: Recommended Canadian food places


Oops, gremlin snuck in. I'm sure you didn't intend to link to a Sunset Grill in Nashville, TN that's "closing after 24 years". ;-)

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