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St Ives seagulls. WARNING

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St Ives seagulls. WARNING

I know a lot of people are aware, but this is a timely warning for the start of the season.

I was in St Ives today and witnessed two seagull raids in a few minutes along the Wharf (seafront).

One guy had his fish/chips stolen and he was near the shop doorway, whilst another had his ice cream cone nicked further along.

These gulls are smart, they watch you from lamp posts and roof tops, then come from behind, over your shoulder and get you. They have really mastered it, and I see it virtually every time I go to St Ives and was a victim myself a few years back.

If you must eat outside, keep your food very close to your body at all times and make sure children and elderly people do the same as they could be frightened and even fall over if attacked.

I know gulls can be a problem in many places like Fowey,Looe,Padstow etc, but the St Ives ones are in a class of their own when it comes to getting food, so take care and enjoy St Ives and don't feed the gulls either voluntarily or by being mugged!!

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1. Re: St Ives seagulls. WARNING

I believe they are at their worst in Spring when they have babies. My theory is they work in gangs - three or four walk in front of you, squawking and distracting your attention, then the other gang member swoops on you from behind.

To reiterate what Badcat says, keep your food covered and close to the body.

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2. Re: St Ives seagulls. WARNING

Lol thanks for the warning Badcat, I can imagine those gulls plotting their raids now. ;-)

It isn't just down south either, a friend just posted on Facebook a very similar warning after been attacked by gulls in Filey.

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3. Re: St Ives seagulls. WARNING

This applies everywhere there are plenty of people and food.

I went up the Rock of Gibraltar recently. There were warnings not to feed the monkeys and to be careful with white plastic bags which they associate with food. I was given a map of the Rock which I put in my trouser pocket. A cheeky little monkey stole it from my pocket and ran off with it! Maps don't taste good...

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4. Re: St Ives seagulls. WARNING

It does apply everywhere, indeed, but these gulls have got it down to a fine art, which I haven't seen anywhere else to this degree.

Still,at least they don't pick your pockets like the monkeys on the Rock : )

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5. Re: St Ives seagulls. WARNING

I was in Malaysia a few years ago, a monkey ran along, grabbed someones lunch box (for a family of 4) , ran up into a tree with it, then a couple more arrived and they all calmly took out the contents and ate them whilst up in the tree above the lunch owners :-)

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6. Re: St Ives seagulls. WARNING

Having lost half a crab sandwich in Port Erin last year, I can sympathise ;)

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7. Re: St Ives seagulls. WARNING

Having lived in Bath (about 15 miles inland!) for 8 years I have plenty of experience of being attacked and pooped on by seagulls!

Now living back in Liverpool I don't mind the gulls, because the city is by the sea and you expect them here.

But people who drop their food wrappers and who actually feed them doesn't help alleviate the problem from getting attacked by the pesky things!

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8. Re: St Ives seagulls. WARNING

I recall being stalked by seagulls in St Ives. They did not get my pasty but I dare not take my eyes off whilst it travelled from paper bag to mouth as they were watching every slight move. Worst gulls I ever encountered anywhere! I expect many from other places go to St Ives for their own holidays!

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9. Re: St Ives seagulls. WARNING

may I suggest an alternative to the Cornish pasty - seagull sausages westernmorningnews.co.uk/Seagull-sausages-ca…

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10. Re: St Ives seagulls. WARNING

Quite true. The St. Ives Seagulls (sounds like a notorious gang of bandits, doesn't it?) stalked and struck at me when I visited a few years ago, expertly swooping over my shoulder so fast that my hair blew back, and knocking my lovely, lovely ice cream cone to the ground, whereupon they feasted.

Not that I'd recommend it, but it did make for a funny remembrance of my day!

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