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Quick 2 nights in London before Paris via Eurostar

Macomb, Michigan
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Quick 2 nights in London before Paris via Eurostar


We also using our Hilton points to stay in London. Waterloo, Islington and Kensington seem to be the best use of our points. We (husband, 14 yo daughter and I) arrive via LHR at 11:10 Mon April 2nd and will depart via Eurostar to Paris 15:30 on Wed April 4th. It's obviously a super short trip with only a two night stay and I'm most worried about all of the travel logistics. Not worried about bars and/or night life. Looking for convenience for sights and transportation and spending the least amount of time on travel.

We will have 3 rolling pieces of luggage so that could make it difficult for us.

Thinking our best option is to hire a private car to take us from LHR to hotel for less hassle (Approx 85 usd to Waterloo).

Waterloo seems more convenient for sightseeing. Our wish list is Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben/Parliament, Tower of London, Sherlock Holmes Museum, Trafalgar Square, Regent Street, Piccadilly Square and Harrods (open to other must-do suggestions).

Islington seems more convenient for to St. Pancras Station??

Kensington seems the most out-of-the-way.

Any help would be much appreciated as we are going in this clueless.

Thank you so much, Mindy

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1. Re: Quick 2 nights in London before Paris via Eurostar

It's easy enough to take the Tube from Heathrow(and a lot cheaper) but if you're concerned, pre book a car service. I'd look at Blackberry and Just Airports and Parker Cars for quotes. Does anyone have mobility issues?

The Kings Cross area would be a place where I would consider accommodation. The Waterloo area is very central. Please note you can't stay anywhere in London that will be close to everything. Transit is good, though, so you won't have trouble getting where you need to go. I would pick accommodation that is close to good transport links, for your trip.

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2. Re: Quick 2 nights in London before Paris via Eurostar

I am also sorry to say that you cannot do everything on your list in that period of time, unless you don't go inside anywhere. But let's get your accommodations taken care of first and then talk about an itinerary.

Macomb, Michigan
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3. Re: Quick 2 nights in London before Paris via Eurostar


Is it normal to see people with luggage on the Tube? I don't want to be fumbling with it and inconveniencing other passengers. Do you think Islington is a better option for transport links?

Wish list Itinerary

Day 1 (starting at 14:00 after dropping luggage at hotel)

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Regent Street

Piccadilly Square

Trafalgar Square


Day 2

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

Westminster Abbey

Day 3

House of Parliament / Big Ben picture

Buckingham Palace (changing of the Guard)

We don't plan on lingering. We are excited to go and just see what we can but we are used to seeing something and moving along to the next thing.

Do you still think it isn't doable? We can move some day 1 stuff to day 2, I just figured Harrods would be open late.

Hampshire, England.
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4. Re: Quick 2 nights in London before Paris via Eurostar

"Is it normal to see people with luggage on the Tube?"

Yes, also the tube starts at Heathrow.

New Mexico
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5. Re: Quick 2 nights in London before Paris via Eurostar

<Is it normal to see people with luggage on the Tube? >

Absolutely, there is even dedicated luggage space in the middle of each car on the Piccadilly Line train into London from Heathrow. As said, the journey starts from Heathrow so you won't be getting on a packed train at all. We've never had a problem with our luggage and getting a seat.

(IMPORTANT-secure your luggage with wheels by holding it of laying in on its side, so it does not become a missile in the tube. Also, it is considerate to remove any backpacks so you don't whack someone with it.)


Maximum fare for the three of you would be £15 ($21US at the moment) for the three of you (£6 + £6+ £3) if you buy cash one way tickets. Even if you take the tube to King's Cross and then a taxi to Islington you will be ahead.

Personally I would stay at the Waterloo location. Being near the Thames River is a huge plus in my opinion. The London transport system (don't forget the buses) is excellent.

Here are a couple of maps to get you started.



Enjoy! A great gift for your daughter.

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Dallas, Texas
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6. Re: Quick 2 nights in London before Paris via Eurostar

Lots to do in such a short amount of time.

I have seen people with luggage on the tube. I have done it myself. Considering the tube serves a major airport plus many main line rail stations that serve longer range journeys over all of Great Britain, I don't think seeing luggage on the tune is really all that unusual.

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Corringham, United...
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7. Re: Quick 2 nights in London before Paris via Eurostar

Personally for a short trip consider the Kings Cross area especially if you decide on the Underground.

Direct line from LHR and you are already next to St Pancras for your Eurostar

Do hope you have booked the tickets.

Macomb, Michigan
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8. Re: Quick 2 nights in London before Paris via Eurostar

I've been checking Eurostar tickets for 3+ weeks, has been $450 round trip for the times we wanted. I just booked for $238 so I'm glad I held off a little longer for $40 each way!!!

The Hilton hotel near Kings Cross is almost double the points as the Waterloo or Islington hotels. We travel a lot but already have the rest of our points secured for a summer New York trip.

I'm glad to hear we wouldn't stick out with our luggage. We don't have any such transportation here so I was just wondering. None of us have mobility issues but we'd prefer the least amount of hassle with carting around the luggage after a 7+ hour flight and not knowing our whereabouts.

Many Europe locations have been on our wish list for a while so we are happy to start with London and Paris. We only have one child so it's easier for us and we all know how blessed we are to take 3-4 trips a year. This will be our first time to Europe so I need as much help as I can get!

Thank you all for the great advice and maps, these will help out immensely!

Vancouver, Canada
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9. Re: Quick 2 nights in London before Paris via Eurostar

I've lost count of the number of times I've schlepped luggage on the Underground between Heathrow and central London. As long as you wrangle your bags as best you can you will be travelling with others in the same situation.

Of the two options I'd choose Islington. Piccadlly line to King's Cross, escalator to the ticket hall then lift to street level. It's a one minute walk to the taxi rank, with the trip to the Doubletree in Pentonville Road a short one - fare shouldn't be more than £6 or £7. Bus stop T in Baron Street is on the east wall of the Doubletree hotel: …tfl.gov.uk/bus-route-maps/islington-angel-1… The 205 will take you from stop S to St Botolph Street, behind Aldgate station, for a five minute walk to the Tower. You'll certainly see more from the bus window that you will from inside an Underground train, but again you'll need to keep an eye on your watch.

The changing of the guard involves arriving early and jostling for position for what many say is a very poor payoff. It's your choice, but if you decide that other things are more important then skip the change. Piccadilly Circus is a roundabout. It's got a fair bit of historical value from so many films and television shows, but in terms of what there is to see nearby it's not a place you'll want to linger for a very long time. Harrods is a shop. If you'd like to avoid the crowds barrelling along Brompton Road from Knightsbridge station then alight from the Piccadilly line at Hyde Park Corner and take the 14, 414 or 74, all of which call at a stop very near one of the shop entrances: …tfl.gov.uk/bus-route-maps/hyde-park-corner-…

Traffic through the City can be pokey, but again if you want to see some of London then take the 15 from or to the Tower and Charing Cross for Trafalgar Square: …tfl.gov.uk/bus-route-maps/tower-of-london-a… and …tfl.gov.uk/bus-route-maps/charing-cross.pdf

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10. Re: Quick 2 nights in London before Paris via Eurostar

We used Blackberry from the Doubletree at Tower of London to the Airport.

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