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The London Pass...worth it or scam?

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The London Pass...worth it or scam?

I will be in London 5 days, do you think I should purchase a London pass with the travel option or should I just pay as I go? This is my first and probably the last time I will visit London so I want to see all that I can. I will be there in July.

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1. Re: The London Pass...worth it or scam?

It's by no means a scam, but for many travelers to London this pass is not worthwhile. The travel element is a zone 1-6 travelcard at full price I believe, and most tourists manage on a cheaper card covering just zones one and two of the transport system. Whether the attraction element is worth it depends on where you plan on going. If you prefer to go to lots of museums etc. than there is little value in the pass as most are free. If you plan on going to lots of fee charging attractions (ie about 2 per day) you can make a saving. You need really to look at what you want to do and compare the individual ticket prices to the pass fee.

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2. Re: The London Pass...worth it or scam?

Most people feel the London Pass is not worth the money. A lot of the museums they list are free anyway - but you just need to do the math to see if it would be a bargain for you.

The travel option (a zone 1-6 travelcard) is definitely a waste of money. You'll only need a zone 1-2 travelcard and you can buy that much cheaper directly at the underground stations.

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3. Re: The London Pass...worth it or scam?

We've used the London Pass the past two years. Last year is was very helpful. This year, a few things have changed. But it really depends on what you want to see. Go to the website and see what all is on your list of sights to go to and see if it would help you. You might just invest in a couple day pass and see the free museums on the other days. It can save money if used right, but it doesn't save as much time as it used to. If it's used for at least two or three sights in a day, it will be worth it.

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4. Re: The London Pass...worth it or scam?

The London Pass requires intense attraction visiting 3 fee charging sights per day at least to get a good return on your investment.

The Zone 1-6 Travelcard is a waste of money. Zones 1&2 should do you fine.

All the government run museums are free.

If you only have 5 days, you will an unwilling slave to the pass, I'd PASS on it, sorry.


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5. Re: The London Pass...worth it or scam?

Thanks for your honest opinions... I will pass on the pass :)

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6. Re: The London Pass...worth it or scam?

I totaled up the attractions I was going to and compared it to the pass and it was a bargain so I bought it. Then i posted my itinerary for constructive feedback and found out i didn't have nearly the time it would take to visit all the places on my list. I was a bit discouraged about having bought the pass but my husband reminded me that it also acts as a fast pass so you don't have to stand in lines as long. We also have the flexibility to change our plan and go to Windsor Castle at the last minute or tour Hampton court Palace instead of the Tower and it is already paid for. We aren't locked into anything. So I will not buy the pass the next time, but if you already have it there are benefits.

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7. Re: The London Pass...worth it or scam?

We bought the six day pass, no travel option, we purchased 7 Day Zone 1-2 cards), and visited the following attractions, I've listed the price we would have paid.

Kew Gardens 11.75

Kew Bridge Steam Museum (Cornish weekend) 7.50

Catamaran cruises Greenwich to Enbankment 4.53

Brass Rubbing at St. Martin's 4.50

Train to Windsor, savings due to showing pass 5.50

Windsor Caslte 13.50

Kensington Palace 11.50

Royal Mews/Queen's Gallery 12.00

St. Paul's 9.00

Globe 9.00

Tate-to-Tate Boat Globe to Eye 3.00

Tower 15.00

Tower Bridge 5.50

HMS Belfast 8.50

Total value obtained from each adult pass: 120.78

Cost of passes was 72.00 so I think we did very well. My mother-in-law saved a bit less since as a 60+ she would have paid less many locations. We also used the card twice for food discounts at the Toiwer restaurant where we saved 6 pounds and at the Brahmah tea museum where we got 2 pounds off per person for tea. Round trip to Windsor on the train cost us only 2.45 per person when we showed our pass + travelcard. It would have been free with a 6 zone travel card. I felt like this was a reasonable number of attractions to visit in 6 days, we did not feel rushed. We visited the Science and Natural History Museums on our seventh day when our pass had expired.

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8. Re: The London Pass...worth it or scam?

PS- on the Fast Track aspect. The only places we got to skip a line were the Tower and Kew Gardens. Kew had a very long line, possibly due to it being Easter Sunday and it was nice to skip that. No other attraction we visited had any line of more 3-5 minutes long. It did take awhile for them to ring our passes up at many locations since they are apparently in the middle of a system change and many locations had to manually key in our card numbers. Because of the pass and being able to use our credit cards at all the resaurants we went to, we spent less than 100 pounds cash for our entire family for the whole trip.

Winston-Salem, NC
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9. Re: The London Pass...worth it or scam?

We bought the 6 day London Pass for our trip in early April and found it was not a good deal for us. We did the math before hand and thought it would be a good value but found we just didn't get to as many attractions as we had planned. One reason was our family's touring style--no one wanted to leave an attraction until they'd seen everything. (We were at the Tower for 6.5 hours!) If your family is particularly efficient in their touring or likes to get just a taste of something, the pass may be a good value for you. Otherwise, I'd suggest just paying as you go.

If you do get the pass, be sure to carry your book with you. We did not get the correct discount at one tour and forgot to ask for the discount at another.

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10. Re: The London Pass...worth it or scam?

We bought a one day pass. This was not worthwild. We didn't have enough time to visit enough attrations in one day. We are a family of 2 adults and 2 children. When you compare, you must take into account that many attractions provide family cards, which give you a discount.

Moreover we had to stay in line at the attractions. None of the attractions used the chip on the card. They typed the number of the card into an machine. So we had to wait longer than other visitors.

All day long we had a rushing feeling, so we did not enjoy the attractions as we could have.

Perhaps you can benefit if you use the card longer. But than you may have to visit attractions that you don't want to.

Also we were disappointed that we coudn't visit the london acquarium. Latest admission was at 5.00 pm. We arrived 4.58 pm and the doors were closed en someone was already cleaning the floord. Perhaps one hour is not long enough for the acquarium, but at least we would have the idea to gain more value.