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Ferry - Athens to Naxos

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Ferry - Athens to Naxos


I'd like to know what are the options to get from Athens to Naxos ?

Since I plan to land in Athens, I am looking for a ferry to Naxos.

Can anyone advice me which company ? what are the prices for 2 foot passengers ? is August a relevant time to get a ferry ?

Thank you,


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1. Re: Ferry - Athens to Naxos

August is absolutely no problem. There are multiple sailings daily. But not all companies have published their summer schedules yet.

From Piraeus there are usually 5-6 sailings every day, mostly in the morning between 7 and 07.30 and probably a few in the afternoon/early evening.

From Rafina there will also a few every day. This year there were about 5-6 also.

Check regularly on www.gtp.gr or www.openseas.gr

Companies from Piraeus are Seajets, Hellenic Seaways and Blue Star Ferries

From Rafina Seajets, Hellenic Seaways and Golden Star Ferries.

Ticket prices for a highspeed ferry are about double than those for a (slower) conventional ferry. For a conventional ferry (Blue Star Ferries) the cheapest ticket ("Economy" / "Deck) is 38 Euro/person. For a highspeed ferry a ticket is about 60 Euro/person.

Mind you that August is the most busy month as also the Greeks have their holidays then together with most Europeans so booking in advance is not a luxury. If you book in advance, do it through the website of the ferry company you will be travelling.

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2. Re: Ferry - Athens to Naxos

Wow thank you so much for the unformative answer!

Another question, I am just starting to plan this as a surprise for my husband's 30 yeras birthday so I am on my own and that's pretty rough haha

Will you reccomend combining another island along Naxos ?

We've been to Greece once, but we were in Paxos and the north (Epirus, Zagorchoria), and we fell in love! I really want this to be special!

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3. Re: Ferry - Athens to Naxos

How may time you will spent in Greece? Do you include a few days in Athens in your itinerary?

From Naxos the most easy island to include is Paros asthey are very close to each other (40 min with a highspeed ferry / 1 hour with a slow ferry).

From Paros it's also easy to go to Antiparos, a small island next to it. It takes just 10 minutes with the ferry from the small port of Pounta.

To give you an idea of the islands you can have a look at my pictures from this year:

Naxos: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm2FvXB7

Paros & Antiparos: https://flic.kr/s/aHskXmHgRf

Trip report Naxos: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g18943…

Trip report Paros & Antiparos: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g18943…

Of course there are other possibilities but it all depends on how many time you have and what you are looking for (beaches, nightlife, culture, ...)

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4. Re: Ferry - Athens to Naxos

Hi thanks again,

I have not bought the plane tickets yet, but as I see it, the ideal time for our travel will probably be around 14 days. And yes, I will want to spend some time in Athens since we've never been there.

I do want to do a relax kind of vacation ; I mean beach, strolling around the villages and towns and those sort of things, though I am not refusing some hiking and nature walks if there are any... My main goal for this trip is to let my husband windsurf as many days a possible.

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5. Re: Ferry - Athens to Naxos

>>My main goal for this trip is to let my husband windsurf as many days a possible.<<

Naxos surf Club: https://www.naxos-surf.com/

>> And yes, I will want to spend some time in Athens since we've never been there<<

Maybe you could look for a connecting flight from Athens to either Naxos or Paros and at the end ferry back to Piraeus so you can spend your last couple of days in Athens. That way you are already back on the mainland too for your flight back home.

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6. Re: Ferry - Athens to Naxos

You could also visit Koufonisia , Donousa or Schinousa from Naxos. The tickets are really cheap and they're so close to Naxos. Since you are a couple , these islands would be a better choice for you! They're quiet but so beautiful! www.travelplanet24.com/aeroporika-eisitiria…

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7. Re: Ferry - Athens to Naxos

we have booked Athens for a flight for a several times, you can stay a couple of days in Athens and take the ferry to Naxos, the last time we've booked the Piraeus port hotel for one night and take the ferry the next day, walked about 15 minutes to the harbour, ferries are leaving between 7.00 and 7.30 and you can take the fast or slow ferry, fast ferry from Athens to Naxos is about 50/60 euro's , the slow ferry about 25 euro's

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8. Re: Ferry - Athens to Naxos

Ideal for wind surfing is also Golden beach in Paros where the professional Windsurfing Association's (PWA) World Cup, since 1993 take place


Golden beach is 5 km away from Piso Livadi Which is picturesque harbor with many taverns and cafes and a small sandy beach. You can also take from there a small ferry for a daily excursion to nearby islands e.g. Naxos, Mykonos , Santorini Koufonisia, Delos Iraklia Donousa

I think that if you stay in Naxos you should not miss a least a daily excursion in Paros


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9. Re: Ferry - Athens to Naxos

For windsurfing on Naxos also look up Mikri Vigla as well as the facilities in the St. George beach area.



There are many options for accomodation in the St. George area, which is also part of town (5-10 minutes walk to anywhere in town):


Naxos Town


My Naxos albums


Naxos information (use the drop down menues):


Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades islands. It has so much more options through diversity than any of the other Cyclades islands. It has some of the best beaches in Greece (some are also ranked among the best in the Mediterranean),

Naxos beaches


You will find options for most activities - look up this link for hiking options:


You will find a mountainous and scenic interior, and some 30 authentic villages around.

Naxos villages


The island also has some historical sites. Options for exploring the island:



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10. Re: Ferry - Athens to Naxos

Thank you for what you posted already which was really helpful. Already made me decide to change my mid-September itinerary to fly direct Athens to Naxos on arrival, stay in Naxos and do day trips to Paros and possibly antiParos then take the ferry back to Athens for 2 days before I leave. As a single female, any recommendations of where to stay? I'm looking for relaxing beach focus on the islands but comfortable resort in Athens.

Thank you!

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