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Santorini in February

Surat, India
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Santorini in February

Hello!! Greetings from India!!!

I am planning my Honeymoon in Greece in last week of Februray, and Santorini is one of the destination.

A hotel in Firostafani is a better idea then in Megalchori? What it would be like in Februray?


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1. Re: Santorini in February


These sites should help re weather:

Check out this site. In the middle of the page (History & Almanac) you can put in any date from 1996 and it will give you the weather on that given day/week/month


Weather2Travel.com is also good & can tell you humidity, hrs of sunshine etc


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2. Re: Santorini in February

I've not been on Santorini in February before but it is still winter in Europe so I expect it will be cold, windy and almost deserted.

It's really a summer island and once the season ends in October, most of the hotel/restaurant/bar people go back to Athens leaving only the local population until everyone comes back for the new season in March and April.

There may be some hotels and restaurants still open in Thira, possibly Ia too, but I imagine your choice will be somewhat limited.

I hope you manage to get somewhere though - it really is one of the most amazing places in the world to see, probably even in winter.


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3. Re: Santorini in February

I thing is better if you can come 1 month later and defently stay in Thira, if some places are open it's going to be only there, forget Megalochori. Most of the places are closed at that time and the weather especially in February is unpredictable, it can be nice but it can be also rainy and windy

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4. Re: Santorini in February

There are some places open in the capital Thira, but like other forum visitors wrote, the weather is the big question......

and further there are not so many places open in Februari

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5. Re: Santorini in February

"I am planning my Honeymoon in Greece in last week of Februray"

Why?? Seriously. Wrong time of year by several months in either direction unless you especially want cold, rain, and very few places to shop, stay or eat out.

Manchester, uk
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6. Re: Santorini in February

Hi, I have some photos of the snow last February in Santorini which I can PM to you. George at Acqua Vatos sent them to me and they are great.

I love Santorini but if you want warm weather etc it is the wrong place at this time of year.

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7. Re: Santorini in February

You plan a European honeymoon, and I suspect you realize it won't be warm that time of year, even in Greece.

When I visted India during February several years ago, temperatures were around 30C, and that was a pleasant change from a dreary British winter. Perhaps you are looking for a change as well. Snow on Santorini is a rarity, but common on the mountains of the mainland.

Here is a photo of the Feb 2008 snow on Santorini: http://tinyurl.com/54u2nt

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding!

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8. Re: Santorini in February

Hello PeshiJari

I agree with everyone who has said that the weather will not be very good in February in Santorini. You can check the record of weather by day at Greek weather stations on -


I do not think that Santorini has a weather station but the one on Paros is not far away - it was down though at the beginning of 2008 -


Why not try somewhere different as people suggest - perhaps Marrakesh?

Have a great time wherever you go

Surat, India
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9. Re: Santorini in February

Hello All!!

Thanks for your comments. As one friend suggested, I am looking for a change from Hot Indian weather, and although I know Santorini is a summer destination, I want to enjoy its natural beauty, and am not much interested in Sun and Sand anyways.

I know it would be cold and rainy, and i seriously wont mind that coming from India


Athens, Greece
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10. Re: Santorini in February

Natural beauty is always there and architecture.

Major difference from summer will be what said before.

So, how to get the best from it?

I'd definitely stay on one of the villages on the ridge. Fira or Firostefani or Imerovigli or Oia. You are going to low season, so search on getting a really good accommodation in lower price. I would probably stay in Fira or Firostefani during the winter.

Having a car will make things much much easier to go around and visit the villages in the center where more local population is residing ( so i 'd stay at the cliffs to get the views but drive the island around - it's not so big anyway ).

How will the weather be? It may be sunny or cloudy or rainy. Last time i was in winter it was cool, not sunny but impressing 150%. Cliffs are high above the sea so, sometimes passing fog was seating on top and then leaving. It was cold but impressing.

Main problem will be humidity in accommodation. Most accommodation offers only summer air conditioning while accommodations actually having heating system using oil are limited due to architectural restrictions. When choosing accommodation contact the hotel on what heating they use. If it's oil central heating this is the best, thermal radiators are ok, ac is so and so.

All in all i agree with above posts, you 'll have limited options. Nevertheless i cannot also overcome the fact that during the last 20 years i have visited Santorini 5 times, 2 of them in the middle of the winter. Peculiar or not, my best visit was the one in February. Yes it was cool to cold outside, yes i had very very limited dining options but yes, it was very very impressing too :)

Exploit the possibilities on Aegean Airlines offer fares. A plane is always a nice option to get there in the winter, on a 35 mins flight. So, if you can grab a cheap fare, then things are even more more appealing :)


Happy planning.