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Hurtigruten excursions

nova scotia
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Hurtigruten excursions

Hi - we are considering the Geiranger and Cape North excursions on our upcoming northbound Hurtigruten trip. We are disappointed at the short stops at Alesund and wondered if any one has any suggestions about how to extend a visit to Alesund in between both vessel dockings? Related questions:

1. We are prepared to forego the Jugendstil Art Nouveau Centre and assume Kongensgate can be managed on one of the 45 minute stops. But could Aksla be accomplished in the other 45 minute stop?

2. The Geiranger tour seems worthwhile by most reports. But it is pricey and seems to include a meal, whereas we have diet restrictions and are already on the ship's pre-paid meal plan. Are there any suggestions for alternatives to the Geiranger excursion?

3. We have read mixed reports about the Cape North excursion and would welcome some comments on its overall value and/or another excursion that might be considered a worthwhile alternative.

Many thanks!

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1. Re: Hurtigruten excursions

2. Clearly recommended. This is the best way to visit Geiranger, but I assumed that it was included in the northbound Hurtigruten.

3. Nordkapp (North Cape) is a foggy cliff, overpriced and overestimated in my honest opinion.

Scunthorpe, United...
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2. Re: Hurtigruten excursions

For my money Hurtigruten's Geiranger diversion is over-rated. The last bit near Geiranger is good, but it's a long way there and it seems even longer coming back.

What you could do is spend the day in Ålesund, catching the boat in the evening (let the crew know). It is a nice town and worth the exploration on a nice day. Aksla is very worthwhile, but not doable in the short time you have, except possibly by taxi - but don't forget the ship won't wait for you if you're late back.

nova scotia
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3. Re: Hurtigruten excursions

Thanks for the comments OsloViking. Apparently the ships dock in Alesund for 45 minutes but then head up the fjord but not all the way (which is probably where the excursion takes over). So its all a bit confusing. No matter - this will be our first visit to Norway and we are looking forward to it!

nova scotia
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4. Re: Hurtigruten excursions

Hello Wasleys - we have found your web site in another posting... very good! I guess the question before us is do we forego the fjord altogether and hang out in Alesund or stick with the vessel. Maybe we'll end up letting the weather decide! Have you ever heard of anyone renting a car in Alesund? Presumably one could drive to Geiranger?

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5. Re: Hurtigruten excursions

When I was on the Kong Harald in 2007, one couple rented a car and were driving off before everyone was even off the ship. This was in Alesund so it is definitely possible. I'm sorry I can't provide any specifics for you.


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6. Re: Hurtigruten excursions

We are going Northbound Bergen to Kirkennes in May. Still haven't gotten the answer to the question: What EXACTLY does the Geiranger Fjord optional excursion do? Can someone tell us: get on a bus in Alesund? drive up a mountain? overlook the fjord from on-high? and come back to Alesund? or does the excursion meet up with the ship later? (they say it is 4 1/2 hours).

Another important factor: does the ship sail up the fjord anyhow? so why do we need an optional excursion?

Thanks for any advice you can provide.... Jean

Stavanger, Norway
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7. Re: Hurtigruten excursions


Although I have never been on Hurtigruten myself and done this excurtion, but from what I read from the Hurtigruten homepage the excurtion you referring to starts in Geiranger and ends in Aalesund. You may have already seen this info:


And if you are interested exploring more of the breathtaking scenery this area has to offer, then this is certainly a well put together excurtion.


Salisbury, United...
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8. Re: Hurtigruten excursions

The ship steams up to Geiranger and then back to alesund. Your can get off at Geiranger and take a coach tour back to Alesund in time to rejoin the ship.

Steaming up the fjord is spectacular but coming back on the coach various stops are made to look down into the fjord. In many ways I thought this to be more spectacular. I think the coach tour was well worth it.

Have a good trip.

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9. Re: Hurtigruten excursions

Seeing the fjords from the water is of course most important, but I think the drive adds considerably to the experience.

Great drive to this panorama (Geiranger village in the background):


Drive usually goes up the hairpin road:


Further you can enjoy this magnificient fjord:


Closer to Ålesund:


Note terminology: Boats go in or out of fjords (not up and down). :)

Have a nice trip.

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10. Re: Hurtigruten excursions

Winter period mid September to mid April “Winter timetable” – ship has longer stop in Alesund (12:00 to 15:00) and does not go to Geiranger at all.

Mid April to mid September “Summer timetable” – ship stops only briefly in Ålesund, then sails all the way along the fjords to Geiranger and back again the same way to Ålesund for another brief stop before continuing to the next port of Molde. Passengers taking the Geiranger Excursion leave the ship by tender at Geiranger village at the head of the fjord and board excursion buses.

In the early spring, the buses will return the excursion passengers to Ålesund.

Later in the summer period, the famous road “Trollstigen” road becomes free of snow, enabling the buses to take that longer scenic route, rejoining the ship in Molde late that evening ( after dinner ashore).

I hope this clarifies the seasonal variations. The date the Trollstigen road become passable can vary from year to year depending on snow conditions.