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EASIRENT LUTON car hire offers shocking service! Beware!

Bad Homburg, Germany
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EASIRENT LUTON car hire offers shocking service! Beware!

I recently had the misfortune to have a booking with this shoddy outfit on 6th November 2013! It was booked through www.rentalcars.com whom I use regularly to book with decent suppliers. When I booked with Easirent (anything but easy!) I was a little suspicious when it said that they were situated offsite (i.e. not where the decent hire firms are situated at Luton Airport). Instead you have to catch the Airparks bus to their long term car park. On arrival at 21.15 I phoned the number instructed to notify them 8 times without any reply.I eventually lost patience and took my chance by just getting on the Airparks bus. When I arrived at 22.05 I was told by the Airparks staff that Easirent had gone home at 10pm. No mobile number or any instructions left for me to use to contact them after hours but they most definitely did have my contact details. I had to get rentalcars.com to cancel and book with Alamo. Subsequent phone calls and emails haven't even received a reply! DO NOT TOUCH this "couldn't give a damn outfit" with a barge-pole. I didn't get to my destination in the West Midlands until 2am the next morning. When using sites such as rentalcars.com stick to the well known international brands and you will receive a superb service. The Airparks staff (Airparks merely site share with Easirent) told me that my experience didn't surprise them as there are frequent complaints and issues with Easirent. YOU WERE WARNED!!!!

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Fochabers, United...
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1. Re: EASIRENT LUTON car hire offers shocking service! Beware!

What a shower of ***** here .. Paid for car hire 4 months before hire , when i picked up the car there was another £100 to pay for fuel and insurance excess , no word of it when i booked. Upon returning the car i got an e-mail saying i had damaged the car and they were charging me another £100 .. Needless to say i'll never use these cowboys again ...

London, United...
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2. Re: EASIRENT LUTON car hire offers shocking service! Beware!

WARNING!!! Overcharged, Miles away, Car not as pictured or described & Run from a bus stop. Please read on to save you self a lot of trouble.

This car rental is not at the Airport it is 4.2 - 3.8 miles away depending on your chosen route (LU1 4BZ) Took me over an hour to pick my rental. If you are picking up at night it is a very dark location out of the way, they have no lights by the rental vehicles so it is impossible to check the cars properly. Not to worry I am sure it is a reputable company... my experience suggested otherwise, it is run from a bus stop with a petty cash tin and a mobile phone. The rental agreement you agree to online is nothing like the one they will make you sign, buying a house will require your signature less times. I got charged for a new tyre even though it was noted on the paperwork in the dark! In fact the rental should have been a Golf not a Hyundai as shown in the pictures and description online. Use one of the Hertz, Europe Car, Avis & Enterprise rentals that is a 5 minute free shuttle ride from outside the front of the airport. To a well light location were you will feel at least risibly safe.

Cadiz, Spain
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3. Re: EASIRENT LUTON car hire offers shocking service! Beware!

Beware of this company. I hired an economy car for the first week of Jan 2014. Their rental shows as very reasonable on the comparison sites, but this doesn't include fuel. You are charged £25 for the amount in the tank and asked to return the car empty. The amount of fuel in the car I drove away was less than £10 (which obviously I was not aware of at the time) worth and I had to fill up again after 60 miles. Really shoddy outfit, I won't use them again.

Melbourne, Australia
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4. Re: EASIRENT LUTON car hire offers shocking service! Beware!

Worst car rental experience ever. Never again.

In short:

-They're not at the airport and hard to get to (bus only runs every 20mins, takes about 15min to get there)

-They force you to take full insurance, significantly raising the price, now you wish you went with 1 of the big providers ON the airport grounds.

-Stupid fuel charge system - normal companies expect cars returned empty, these guys put £30 of fuel in which you pay for on pickup.

-Slow service, needed to have the car ASAP so we could still visit sites we wanted to on the arrival day, took so long to get into a car we didn't have time for anything planned on the day.

Long story:

I was supposed to receive some mythical email telling me to call them when I arrived but I never got it. When I arrived at Luton, nobody had heard of "easirent". Took the bus to the normal car rental area (europcar, hertz, budget, etc). There they finally told me easirent = catch a bus at stop 12 outside the airport... So I did. The place is ages away - I don't know how the can claim to be airport-based car rental... Finally got there after an hour of figuring out where to go.

Got there, they want £30 (because they apparently put that much in the car) and can return it empty. Of course nobody returns it empty otherwise they might not make it. So this is not a fair system - normal car hire companies have a return car refilled policy which is fair.

Also they wanted either a £1250 deposit off a credit card if not getting extra insurance (I already had travel insurance). I had a credit card but their machine suspiciously wouldn't accept it, so I was left with no choice but to pay for max insurance so no deposit is required. Magically the same card worked to take my insurance money.

Can I just cancel and hire a car elsewhere (eg europcar)? No, it was booked through another website and I'd have to contact the website. They can't cancel it. And if I cancel it now I'm probably liable for 80% of the cost anyway... so I was already sucked in.

After having paid the insurance and fuel fee I finally got the car. Apparently they gave me a huge upgrade, a ford mondeo station wagon instead of the "5 door station wagon" I requested... Apparently this car is a whole 2 classes above and I should be thankful. This was not an upgrade, I just got what was promised on the booking website, I'm supposed to be thankful?

London, United...
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5. Re: EASIRENT LUTON car hire offers shocking service! Beware!

I also had an incredibly negative experience with Easirent. No mention of the insurance charge (which could be waived if you can have them hold £10,000 on your credit card) at online booking. When picking up the car, we specifically asked about the flexibility with returning the car late, as there was inclement weather predicted for the day we were returning the car to London. They told us to call the morning we'd be returning to let them know and that they could be flexible. Sure enough, it snowed in Cornwall and we had issues getting back in time. Called the Easirent office and they told me that their late policy was non-negotiable and that anything more than 45 minutes late would result in another day's rental for the car, which was more than half of the price we'd paid for three days. Only one of the staff members was courteous and professional in his communication with us; unfortunately his sister was the staff member who conducted herself most unreasonably.

I would strongly advise against renting with Easirent. Their lack of honesty, transparency, and customer service will prevent me from ever renting with them again.

Rabat, Malta
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6. Re: EASIRENT LUTON car hire offers shocking service! Beware!

We agree! We also had a bad experience hiring from Easirent. We were told on arrival that they did not accept our debit cards and that they would have to charge us a further unnecessary £100 for insurance because they couldn't "reserve" a deposit from our cards! The emails we had received gave us the impression that we had already paid up in full. Over a 3 day period, we ended up paying as much on the "insurance" as we did on the hire. The car we were given was basic and not what we had asked for. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

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7. Re: EASIRENT LUTON car hire offers shocking service! Beware!

I rented from Heathrow few months back. You have to catch a 'tourist' bus from terminal which Easirent pays for one way only. On return, you have to pay it yourself (4.50)...That just about tells you about the company to start things off with. On car return, they were trying to tell me that there was a scratch, but I had none of that and eventually they did back down. Having said that I booked the car for 8.30 but rented at 9.30 (drove out at 9.45) due to getting there late and the typical slowness of the rental office.....I returned it before the pick up time but 50 minutes after my 'booking time'. Got told that if I booked directly with easirent they would have modified my booking time but because I booked via agent, they could do nothing and I was to be charged £45 extra....For a while I considered blocking the transaction as there is nothing about this in their T&Cs , but it will hurt them more if I just keep on telling the story on every website I can post this on......I have rented with quite a few 'budget' type companies like GoldCar, etc that were hardly from ideal, but if you think that your favourite budget Airline is bad, just try these guys .... While initial prices are good, extra insurance and a fuel policy that will set you 10-20 back straight away (daylight robbery) means that its a complete waste of time. In my case, add 4.50 bus return to the terminal was the final straw.....AVOID - there should be no place for these kind of businesses in this age.

East Sussex, United...
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8. Re: EASIRENT LUTON car hire offers shocking service! Beware!

So far we have 8 different one time only posters who found and signed up to TA, pretty much saying the same thing about this company. While I am not in any way questioning what they are reporting, I wonder why it didn't occur to any of them to research the company BEFORE booking with them ?

I wonder if they all made the bookings through an agent/3rd party, as that may explain things.

Chicago, Illinois
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9. Re: EASIRENT LUTON car hire offers shocking service! Beware!

Any firm which uses similar name to a large well respected one should be avoided at all costs.

Lisbon, Portugal
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10. Re: EASIRENT LUTON car hire offers shocking service! Beware!

This is a copy of an email I sent to Easirent after they told me they were debiting my card with £175 for a scratch on the driver's door.

Why am I surprised that you are trying to squeeze more money from me? Your company are liars and thieves (please see the caveat below). When I collected the car I was surprised to be told that I had to pay £30 for a 1/4 tank of petrol. I was told to not worry as there was actually 1/2 tank full, which I accepted as the truth. This was as noted on the Hire Vehicle Damage Sheet as being over 1/2 full. However when we got into the car it was apparent there was much less than 1/4 tank of petrol. Having been travelling all day and it was getting late I decided not to make an issue of this. We then had to drive the car under one of the completely inadequate floodlights in order to visually inspect the vehicle. It was immediately apparent that this was a complete waste of time as the car was very dirty. The wing mirrors were so dirty we had to stop the car to clean them.

When we returned the car there was over 1/4 of a tank of petrol left. Either the person that checked the car is a liar or you, as a company, are liars and thieves. Not only are you making exorbitant profit for charging £30 for a 1/4 tank of petrol but you, or your employees, are committing fraud.

I checked this car in the evening of yesterday, 15th April, and there were not any marks on the car. The car was parked in my driveway overnight without any possibility of it receiving any damage. I drove the car to the off-airport car park without any possibility of any damage occurring and parked it in one of your bays. If any damage occurred subsequently that was then your responsibility. No wonder you hide away in a dark corner of the car park.

I booked the car through Argus Car Hire and you are not told which company will be supplying the vehicle until you have paid. In future I will contact them first and tell them I will not use Easirent.


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