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Short work trip from USA - Want to go Skiing (Early Sept)

Toledo, Ohio
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Short work trip from USA - Want to go Skiing (Early Sept)

I'm a early 40's guy that Spends about 10 or so days a year on the snow domestic (3 trips typically), skied one day in the Alps about a decade ago (want to get back there). I own my own ski gear but wouldn't fly any of it there (except maybe my boots). My preferred resort stateside (that's near me) is 1500' Vertical drop, I would like to see the Scenery and have access to varied terrain. Punisher looks neat and sprawling (littered with T-Bars but I'm on skis) but for a short trip to a resort I may never get back to I don't think I want to learn my way around the resort unless there are on the snow accomodations that fit my needs (which sounds limited), looks to me like Thredbo is the target for me, is the scenery magnitudes better at Punisher or is there another resort I should consider?

I have a business trip coming up to Brisbane in Early September, After 25 hours of travel form Ohio I figure a bus trip (won't self drive due to risk of fatigue) to go Skiing for a few days might work well to allow me to show up at Work in Brisbane late Monday or Tuesday morning. Because of this aspect I expect my Int'l flight will arrive at Sydney on a Thursday morning, and I can lockup my work bag at Sydney and depart from there that evening to ski Friday - Sunday. Then Either late Sunday or Monday grab a flight to Brisbane. On our domestic ski trips often the last day we cut short to get back at a reasonable hour, I doubt I will find a 2.5 day trip but if there is one that would be perfect.

So I see plenty of ski trip options, and Being low 40's My routine when domestic is ski during the day and soak the old muscles in the hot tub for a bit in the evening maybe take in some light nightlife as part of the foreign experience. Does anyone know of packaged trips including on the snow accomodations with access to a hot tub?

I expect I may be the old guy on the trip and that's fine with me, traveling solo and integrating with others is part of the experience, I just don't want to get wrapped up in a trip where the resort and trip is heavily situated for beginners. I don't crave moguls or the steepest runs but do like having access to the harder stuff to really make the legs work taking a green or three to get to the area I need on the mountain is fine.

So anyone have recommendation's for tour operators or packages that would check most of these boxes? The resort is always top priority, next is access to a hot tub & overall accommodation layout / condition. Sharing the lodging with a stranger is fine I can make do with about anything I'll be sorely jet lagged anyway.

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Sydney, Australia
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1. Re: Short work trip from USA - Want to go Skiing (Early Sept)

I doubt there are any bus trips from Brisbane - that'd be something approaching 16 hours to the closest snow, in the south of New South Wales. Check Google maps. I used Thredbo as the snow place and it's over 1400 kilometres driving.

I can't comment on resorts, but geographically it's not a great idea.

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2. Re: Short work trip from USA - Want to go Skiing (Early Sept)

Jack that was my thought too but when I reread the post, towards the bottom, he says he’s starting in Sydney so wants the tour from there, then he’ll fly up to Brisbane.

Still not sure on the logistics on how long it would take to get to snowfields from Sydney or the quality of snow as late on as September.

Sydney, Australia
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3. Re: Short work trip from USA - Want to go Skiing (Early Sept)


Just shows I should read a long, rambling post more carefully.

Toledo, Ohio
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4. Re: Short work trip from USA - Want to go Skiing (Early Sept)

Yes I do ramble... I fear the Fosters will bring that out even more. Sorry for confusion, yes I will fly LAX to SYD ideally bus from there to ski for a few days, bus back to SYD, and hop a flight or rail to Brisbane. I could maybe hire the car out of SYD and drive but after a weekend on the snow a nap during transit might be welcome so I prefer to be passenger for that trip.

Brisbane, Australia
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5. Re: Short work trip from USA - Want to go Skiing (Early Sept)

Thredbo would be my suggestion - you willl need to google for tours from Sydney, but frankly, Aus ski fields are the poor cousins of skiing anywhere else in the world and I would really spend your time in Aus seeing somethigtht is uniqu toAus - EG: Uluru or The Great Barrier Reef/Daintree Rainforest.

Another option would be to jump on a plane to Queenstown NZ for a much better skiing experience (and probably only the same transit time).

Also, while you are her, don't drink Fosters - you would be hrd pressed to find it in a decent establishment anyway, and there are hundreds of wonderful craft and mass brands beers that Aussie's actually drink.


Toledo, Ohio
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6. Re: Short work trip from USA - Want to go Skiing (Early Sept)

I am definitely torn with how to spend a few days. The ability to take a quick break from the end of summer and get a couple days on the snow that are so dear to me while on the other side of the equator is pulling me.

As far as the NZ aspect, I had considered that, yet I don't want any personal travel compications with Passport / visa etc impacting my ability to complete my assigned task in Brisbane. In theory I could avoid all of that by flying into Sydney and locking up my customs declared items (tools and parts of my trade) then I need to fly to NZ then back through Sydney before returning to Brisbane to collect that from lockup.

Sydney, Australia
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7. Re: Short work trip from USA - Want to go Skiing (Early Sept)

Alternative to bus trip is to fly to Cooma for Sydney then link up with snow fields. Many locals will go to NZ/Queenstown for snow or Japan.



and get the right visa


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Sydney, Australia
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8. Re: Short work trip from USA - Want to go Skiing (Early Sept)

A bus to either Thredbo or Perisher is very easy and it is about a 6 hour trip. There are several companies that operate during the ski season, between the city and the snow including Greyhound, Murrays etc. Some will offer a package that will include ski gear and lift ticket. Id recommend booking earlier rather than later for a better choice of time slots, esp as you are planning to go on a weekend which is the busiest time. The coaches will be big, comfy ones so you'll be able to get some sleep.

Id suggest either hiring your ski gear ahead of time, either through the bus ticket combo or there are companies that will bring the skis to the door of your accommodation. Otherwise you will have to spend precious time o your first day, queuing at one of the home places.

Re the resort, I now prefer Perisher because of the variety in terrain. If it's crowded, or poor conditions in one area, you can easily head to another. A few of the T-bar areas have been replaced with lifts in recent years but there are still a number of T-bars. I have come to like them because they keep some of the crowds of the slopes.

However you are right in saying that Thredbo is more compact so for a short visit, this might suit your needs better.

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9. Re: Short work trip from USA - Want to go Skiing (Early Sept)


Thredbo in NSW or Mt Hotham in Victoria are Australia's "best" ski areas IMHO.

If you fly from Sydney to Cooma for Thredbo or Sydney to Melbourne and then to the Dinner Plain for Hotham would be quickest.

Strangely, quicker (three hour flight) and usually much better conditions would be to fly Sydney To Queenstown NZ and ski the Remarkables or on to Wanaka and ski Treble Cone.


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10. Re: Short work trip from USA - Want to go Skiing (Early Sept)

Yes I do ramble... I fear the Fosters will bring that out even more.

You're in a for a pleasant surprise! (We export all the Fosters so we only have the good stuff to drink down under)

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