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Off airport car rental

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Off airport car rental

Hello All,

Renting a car from Hertz upon arrival at MEL. If I rent at the airport it is $174.00 more than if I rent from the Hertz on Tarmac Drive (3.8 km away). Is it difficult to get to the Tarmac Drive address? Will a taxi take us that short of a distance? It is a considerable savings unless I have to walk!

Thanks for any advice.

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1. Re: Off airport car rental

Well first suggestion would be not drive after a long haul flight (jet lag, traffic, different side of the road) - where are you coming from ?

If long haul then transfer to Melbourne hotel by bus/taxi and after jet lag hire the car.

Broadford, Australia
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2. Re: Off airport car rental

Where will you be driving TO once you pick up the car? We may be able to suggest other options for you...



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3. Re: Off airport car rental

Thanks all. I really understand your concerns. We are flying from LAX business class (maybe first, but I doubt it). We will have plenty of sleep on a lovely flat seat. I am experienced with long haul and have flown between 10 and 12 hours many times. Admittedly, Oz will be my longest flight if it exceeds 13 hours, which I understand it is likely to in this direction. I am very comfortable and experienced driving on the left. I have good global travel skills and would go nowhere near my limitations coming off a long flight. Only going to Torquay about an hour and half away. It will be okay. I have done a few longer drives in difficult places after long hauls in businesss, so I am not just guessing. No plans for big driving the first day. I know not to push it and promise to be a good guest in your country. Hope that eases your fears. BTW I would never drive coming off of long haul economy.

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4. Re: Off airport car rental

Taxi drivers must take every trip - whether it is short or long. That's the rule, however re-inforcing that rule is easier said than done. If you are driving to Torquay and want to save on dollars, then maybe catch a shuttle to Geelong and then hire a car from there. Torquay is less than a 30 minute drive from Geelong and you won't have Melbourne's traffic problems to worry about.


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5. Re: Off airport car rental

The unwritten rule at MEL seems to be if you're doing to short trip from the airport, you flag down your taxi at departures.

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6. Re: Off airport car rental

+1 to Navy's suggestion in post #4

South Coast NSW
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7. Re: Off airport car rental

"We are flying from LAX business class (maybe first, but I doubt it). We will have plenty of sleep on a lovely flat seat."

I am not sure why anyone thinks that this means they avoid jetlag and fatigue. People do not have a crystal ball. People have absolutely no idea what this flight experience will be like.

If it turns out differently than people expect, they have a booking to pick up a car, and they have a booking at a hotel some distance away, and if they are not feeling like they can drive it once they arrive, I'd guess there is a 99% chance they are going to get in the car and do it anyway - on the other side of the road than they are used to, sitting on the other side of a car they don't know and are not familiar with.

The reason we all say don't book a car for right after you get off a long haul flight is because nobody can be sure. I've been in business class surrounded by small screaming children - usually the children of airline staff. I've arrived in another country and had trouble negotiating my way to my hotel because I am so exhausted.

And not only that, but what if your flight is delayed or even cancelled? You are suddenly feeling pressure because you have this booking and these plans.

And worst of all, what if you get bumped back to economy? It can and does happen. If you would not do this after flying long haul economy, don't do it after flying long haul at all.

The class of travel does not make people magically immune to the things that make travel tiring. The class of travel does not make people immune to delays and cancellations. So it is wise to err on the side of caution. :)

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8. Re: Off airport car rental

The problem is not just whether you can get a good sleep in business class, but the fact that you are crossing so many time zones. Melbourne is 17 hours ahead of Los Angeles. That is a huge difference compared, say, to travelling from LAX to Paris, which is a nine hour difference. How you will feel on arrival also depends a lot on what time of day you arrive, as your body clock will still be on LA time. If you arrive here at say, 8pm, your body clock will be reacting as if it is 3am, and that is not a good safe time to be driving a strange car on the opposite side of the road to what you are used to. Your previous experience may be helpful, but it is definitely not comparable to flying from the US to Australia.

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